Village called Mystery

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Hi guys!
I'd like to share with you new location for my main project Dreamland. You can watch post about it by this link: Welcome to the Dreamland.

This is spawn location called Mystery (the name of village).
And yes, this building is based on my first dream which I wrote in 2017.
Facts about Mystery:

0. This is the first location in Dreamland
1. This is "bus station" between our world and dream world
2. No one is living there. Every house is temporary home for arrived dreamers.
3. The Mystery has parkour game, which makes people addicted to it.
4. Village had around 6 flying minibuses that transport people to other places in the world

5. It has very weird power lines LOL
6. The bus station building is also a hospital, shop and police station

Location will get updates soon. Thanks for your attention, good luck :p
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