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WildCraftMC's Spawn (AstraLex Shader Edition)

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How to find on server: Visit /spawn or /warp locations

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WildCraftMC's Spawn (AstraLex Shader Edition) Minecraft Map

WildCraftMC's Spawn (AstraLex Shader Edition) Minecraft Map

What better way to celebrate WildCraftMC's leap into Minecraft 1.17 than to post another Shader editon of it's wonderous spawn & locations

These screenshots were captured using
Optifine & AstraLex' Shader Pack

to encapsulate an amazing terrain & beauty
of Wildcraft's main spawn.

Thanks for checking out our post, click the red text below for more details of Wildcraft's features & it's community.

View these locations @ play.wildcraftmc.com

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Update #3 : by WildCraftMC 01/02/2023 11:27:58 amJan 2nd, 2023

WildcraftMC NEW Twitch Channel

With the unfortunate "indefinite suspension" of my main Twitch account, I have decided to make this new channel as a way to stream important future community/member events

I have tried appealing to Twitch, I've NOT received an email response of any sort in weeks (doesn't look promising). Keep in mind, I've done absolutely nothing wrong.

Their reasoning for this suspension is that I had used "A Fraudulent Payment Method" . . . nope.

I'd be eternally grateful if you'd click the link below & follow :)

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