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The City of Lankeharlil

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THIS PROJECT IS PART OF A BIGGER PROJECT. WE ARE LOOKING FOR HELP WITH THE PROJECT AS WELL: https://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/communities/teams/airshipcraft-looking-for-help-on-a-massive-project-668328/

Update Feb 20:
This city is now basically complete. It just needs a little touching up to accommodate the planned features for the server such as actual locations for NPCs, etc.

Update Mar 5:
Pretty much done. The only missing thing would be small tweaks for when NPCs are put in but that comes way later

Built on the Paralon map for use on the AirshipCraft project (unfinished documentation can be found here) part of a series of builds for the project. Will eventually be populated with NPCs that will carry out their daily tasks and can interact with not just the player but other NPCs as well.

Credit goes to Supreme Noob#8684 who built and designed it
Credit to Land of Soroku for being his inspiration for starting this project

~ Backstory~
The city of Lankeharlil, drowish for lake bottom, was a city erected after a group of drows who recently discovered the secrets of the Philospher's stone needed a way to escape the goblin bankers who were after them for unreported income taxes on their new found source of gold. As they escaped towards the surface the tunneled under a lake which caused the lake to drain out and destroy their IRS persuers.

Want to contribute to the project?
Add me on discord! zune#8662
CreditSupremeNoob - Main builder
Progress100% complete

7 Update Logs

Update #7 : by zune_cs 03/05/2023 10:37:08 amMar 5th

no longer WIP!!

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