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Wither Quest!

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Level 18 : Journeyman Ranger
You've just returned from your battle with the Ender Dragon, and have had just enough time to rest. However, you look out the window, and see a pillar of light supported upon a pyramid comprised of Diamond, Iron and one Gold Block. You go out to investigate, and your adventure begins.

This adventure map is made in honor of many of the REALLY cool updates Mojang released in 1.4. In this adventure map you must travel through this beautifully generated world, trying to find the three lost Wither Skulls needed to summon and defeat the Wither. Please Note this map is designed for a maximum of THREE PLAYERS ONLY!

If you enjoyed this map (or really like it anyway), please give a Diamond and leave a comment below, and maybe even sub or favorite :D

*EDIT* The Map is now at version 2. Here's the changelog:

  1. Added missing checkpoint at the end of the map.
  2. Changed the sign that accidentally called Blazes "Magmas" (I really don't know where that came from XD)
  3. 2 new rules
  4. Fixed the MobArena's Redstone wiring so ALL of the dispensers in the Arena will fire at the same time, so now you REALLY have to watch out for pressure plates!
  5. Added webs to "decorate" the MobArena.

Additional Notes

Credit goes to Tantricmac for the Bigger and Better BiomeGen Mod.. It really made this map (literally!).
Progress: 100% Complete

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