Wither Souls (work in progress)

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hello this is a medium large project in which I am working a group of people. Wither Souls is based on the Dark Souls saga, and it could also be called a Souls-like map.
The wither souls map is very much based on dark souls 3, maybe you might recognize one as Anor londo, or the lothric castle. but with a touch of originality of wither souls. It will also be full of challenges and bosses, each location and boss, all with its own lore. The lore of wither souls is very extensive and occurs in the universe of a series called ChafaLand, but quiet, the story is told in many ways in wither souls.
This is my first adventure map and I plan to release it for Minecraft java and Bedrock in 2021. As it is expensive work. I will keep updating with news thanks for your support.

progression of map construction:

Main menu: 90%

Tutorial: 100%

fire link shrine: 95%

High wall of the wither: Playable area: 93% Non playable area: 78%

Wither´s castle: 15%

the creeper swamp: 40%

catacombs of the truth: 4%

tenochtitlan of the elder valley: 2%

tenochtitlan dungeon: 0%

high charity: 0%

Anor londo: 15%

Secret areas: 33%

furnace of the first flame and the portal: 88%

there will probably be more things later

this is a spanish-english map
Progress25% complete
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