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avatar 64stackserver
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Status Offline Pinged: 06/02/18
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.6.2
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Welcome to our new server!

64Stack is a variety server that offers faction and survival skills at its core. We allow PVP and offer a custom Arena for open PVP as well as MiniGames. Extras and ranks are available for purchase at 64stack.com, playing is open and free. There is no registration at this time, so log in and get started. Factions are still free to set up. Creative plots are available for premium members. Help us build a community and we'll you help you! Staff are friendly and responsive. Use /mail if no one is online and we'll get back to you!


More info...

Don't confuse simplicity for lack of design! The terrain around spawn is a work of art! Explore the trails and climb the hills.

Our economy is Emerald based. We offer mineral exchange right now, with a more extensive shop in the works. There is a large Villager City that you can find some amazing trades. Use the warp or follow the path!

Minecraft is a great game and we're trying to preserve the best parts of Single Player Mode for the Multiplayer community. Let us know what YOU like about Minecraft, and we'll try to preserve it for the server!

[We own our server! Not renting!]

This is NOT a server running in a basement thato s going to go offline in a week! We do not rent space on someone elseo s server, and weo re not just experimenting here. While there are plans to grow and change the server as Mojang continues to release updates we will do our best to maintain the map as long as possible. So if you put in a lot of hours building, mining, or just gaining power and dominating the PVP circuit you wono t come back to find it all gone.

We own our own rack-mounted 8 core server with our own connection to the AT&T pipeline. We have 16Gb currently, and when we get enough support that will be upgraded. The plan is to build a community of players and develop the server based on their needs. We need players, friends, and donations. We'd appreciate any support you can give, even if that just means playing by the rules!


Please do not ask to be staff. We might approach you to work on special projects, but we will not be handing out ranks for free. We welcome assistance in the form of bug reports, plugin suggestions, and monitoring abuse. Please do not ask for free ranks or commands, and we dono t need to know every time you lose a fight. This is a PVP server; you might lose your stuff. Thato s why we offer lockette, protected plots and factions.

Use the forums at 64stack.com or follow us on twitter @64stack1 !

Frequent players qualify for freebies. Just speak up, let us know your there and you plan on sticking around. Goodies can include protected plots, supplies (not unlimited diamonds so dono t ask), and help with major projects. Come up with something amazing and weo ll make it a warp!

We've been operating for almost a year in development stage. It's time to go public!

[Major Plugins]

Hunger Games [ONLINE]

Factions [ONLINE]

Lockette [ONLINE]

HungerGames! [Online!] Both servers!

BowSpleef! [ONLINE]

Factions Plus [PLANNED UPGRADE] <---Will include Faction Warps!

Skyblock [ONLINE] Both servers!

Kit PVP [Almost done!] <---Mini-Game Server!

Parkour [PLANNED UPGRADE] <---Mini-Game Server!

Multi-Server Hub [PLANNED UPGRADE]


Additional Notes

Hunger Games o Creative o Survival o Factions o Shop

7 Update Logs

Update #7 : 09/02/2013 4:20:00 amSep 2nd, 2013

Big Update:

Survival: Added compass Navigation, Removed in-active plugins, Fixed shop, added /shop, also added a phsical shop /warp shop, a few small adjustments, a new Warp wild, /warp wild2.

MiniGames: added TntRun minigame, Fixed some bugs, Removed in-active plugins, Added more to spawn, Animated Spawn, Added small plugins, Fixed warps,
In Progress:

All: Secret Update

Minigames: More games, Fix existing plugins, add some own, Secret adjustments.

Survival: add Own version of factions, Secret adjustments. Replace Warps with better ones.


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