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Level 13 : Journeyman Network
AGILE Multiversity
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Game VersionMinecraft 1.13
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Welcome to the AGILE Multiversity! Our constantly growing ocean of energies is unstoppable.

This form is to help us optimize our organized play experiences of and throughout the many many worlds that we are on the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences' AGILE Multiversity--whether it be our Minecraft server or any of myriad linked Dungeons & Dragons or other roleplaying games or some combination thereof.

By filling out the form completely you earn a custom magic item (something *nice*) and an additional 1,000 land claim blocks which can be potentially used in any world you can access. And many many worlds there are.

After email, the first set of questions regard you as a real life person, outside of the game-worlds. Everything beyond that pertains directly to your role as a multiversal character in the AGILE Minecraft Multiversity.

✮For Dungeons & Dragons resources please check out this great list by Teaching with DnD at
✮You can join our campaign on Roll20 with this link:
✮Or on D&D Beyond with this link:

✮If you are new to Minecraft Java, use Method 1 on this WikiHow with our Minecraft server address to join us:
✮Our Minecraft server address =
✮Our Planet Minecraft page =

An epic challenge involving all skills from world creation, building, crafting, combat, economy, storytelling, mass organization, survival, pvp, diplomacy, trickery and more. Tournament grant prize is a wish on par with those granted by the 7 Dragon Balls--they may create or destroy a world from the server. If your character's homeworld is lost in this way then you and all others from that world are exiles in the worlds of others until you can win a future tournament to wish your world back or raise the unfathomable amount of server $ through jobs and trade to buy a slot. Here's how it works:

PHASE 1 where teams create their own worlds using whatever means they choose (e.g. World Edit, World Painter, creative in Vanilla MC, strict survival in vanilla MC, etc.).
-world must be compatible with 1.13.1 and not require any mods to run
-"teams" of 1 are okay but not recommended
-all qualifying servers are uploaded immediately to the server to prepare for phase two
PHASE 2 lasts two weeks of open survival mode on the server with spontaneous portals between the worlds open and facilitated events (by admins/game masters) occur. This is the phase of relations.
PHASE 3 lines in the sand are drawn in the tournament that forces a battle royale between the worlds, 1 day
PHASE 4 initial stages of tournament war, 6 days
PHASE 5 cessation of hostilities between the worlds and reprieve of Samhain / Halloween festivities, 3 days
PHASE 6 conclusions of tournament, wars & peaces
PHASE 7 two wishes are granted, will they be used to create or destroy?
PHASE 8 The cycle begins anew

Two teams win wishes, one for each category:
1) Best world (by PMC votes on map project page)
2) Best diplomat OR biggest stick (by whoever conquers all others or brokers final peace treaty)

Two teams win wishes & $20 STEAM gift card, one winner each category:
1) Best world (by PMC votes on map project page)
2) Best diplomat OR biggest stick (by whoever conquers all other worlds or brokers final peace treaty)

Play. Learn. Level Up in Life.

The signs above describe as concisely as possible the key information regarding the server. Everything else you must find by playing and following the instructions provided. The signs read as follows (beginning from below & to the left):

  • You are in SPAWN OF WORLDS find & forge your destinies & bloom.
  • WELCOME TO AGILE MC Multiversity--New? Register for in game bonuses and increased organizational capacity in the community
  • Many worlds exist within this web. Balance. Discord. Harmony. Create.
  • #1 Family Friendly #2 Don't be mean!!! #3 Hate speech & hacking = banned
  • Jobs. Claims. Guilds. Nations. Lāhui. EA. Server $ can buy worlds & portals

Anyone who comes with good will and a commitment to play, learning, growth, friendship & wonder is welcome. Utilizing the Multiverse plugins to their maximum potential we are actively weaving our imaginary worlds together for a world in which many worlds fit in this one of a kind Minecraft server.

We currently have many active worlds with one primary SPAWN OF WORLDS where you must earn server $ through jobs and/or participate in facilitated server gameplay events to obtain passage to any of the many other worlds. Through the upcoming tournament you may also win the ability for your very own custom world to be added to the server and to be forever written into the storybooks. Whispers abound about this tournament, something about Immortal Kombat was it?

Receive in-game bonuses (magic item + 1,000 block claim bonus) for registering here

Join us and play now at

[NOTE: for a tutorial on how to access the primary campus of AGILE MC Multiversity, please see this tutorial (following method 1 and substituting the sample IP there with If you are a parent concerned with your child(ren)'s interactions in online gaming environments, please read this.
CreditScreenshot taken from server spawn, using texture pack Retro NES [Revived] by bookworm7077 & befarrar

09/29/2018 10:18 am
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