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_HotArmor007_ avatar _HotArmor007_
Level 1 : New Miner
Status Online! Pinged: 05/18/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Spigot 1.14.4
Connect With
Original Prison Server-1.14.4+
https://discord.gg/wfvkzwKedb <- Live chat connected to Minecraft chat

-Open PVP
PVP revolved around a rink surrounding the spawn before reaching the gates of each rank. Players could fight for supply crates while everyone watches beyond the gates and spawn.
list Auctions and sell to lower ranks to make profit-Not every rank consists of Diamonds\
-Invest in real stocks with Minecraft money
Want to Invest in Real Stocks like Tesla or Amazon, well you could use your Minecraft in-game money to buy stocks and come back the next day to sell making a profit.
Every Rank Consists of ranks to help get the player on track
-Envoy Drops
Every 30 minutes the server will start a supply crate event only if more than 4 players are online. Many Crates include big amounts of cash or prizes.
Vote Crates and Rank Crates are very rare but consist of many expensive items that could help the player succeed in freedom
-Custom Enchantments
200+ Enchantments that could be added to create OP Armour and OP Tools
-Discord community
Join the discord to check who is online from your phone discord app

Private In development server that has been running for over a year. The server consists of an original prison-style where players are all around each other. Unlock Custom enchantments as ranking higher and higher.
Completing all of the Ranks in the server leads you to Freedom, a rank in which you move to a gated community with land to buy and sell. Casinos to play at and different ways to make money. No one has yet reached that point. Be the first and claim the prize of $100 cash USD.
                Join today and check out what you are missing. This server is truly something different.

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