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Apocalyptic Gaming Network Tekkit | Tekkit Main/Space - MCMMO/Custom Drops & Loot/Economy & Shops/Plots/Multiworld/PVP & PVE/Factions & Towny

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Zilacon avatar Zilacon
Level 31 : Artisan Network
Apocalyptic Gaming Network Tekkit | Tekkit Main/Space - MCMMO/Custom Drops & Loot/Economy & Shops/Plots/Multiworld/PVP & PVE/Factions & Towny
Status Online! Pinged: 10/03/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java 1.5.2
AGN [US/EU] discord.gg/DkNYWzB
Connect With
Apocalyptic Gaming Networks
Website: http://apocgaming.org
Discord: https://discord.gg/uctbDQb

Tekkit requires the Technic Launcher to join, simply download it from http://www.technicpack.net/download and search 'Tekkit' on the launcher search bar. We are running on version 1.2.9g (Recommended)
  • Multiworld: Our worlds Resource, Spawn, Survival, Factions, and Towny along with the modpack worlds allow you to play your way. PVP and PVE specific worlds are available along with claiming and protection plugins for worlds.
  • Shops: Admin vanilla shops available in the spawn tower, and player controlled and ran spawn shops outside the tower in buyable plots. Players can purchase a plot in spawn and create a shop anyway they want and sell whatever they want at their own prices.
  • Economy: Our custom economy plugin gives a unique way of earning money from digging, mining, farming, brewing, crafting, smelting, fishing, killing monsters, killing players, logging in daily, being online hourly, and voting. Along with keys (crates) rewarded for voting/logging in/being online to give you one of hundreds of rewards when redeemed.
  • Minimal Banned Items/Mods: We only ban things that harm server performance, or cause crash loops with players. With this said our ban lists on our servers is so small its usually only a few items banned and Chunk Loaders are usually the main one. In Tekkit's case we have MystCraft, qCraft, DimensionalDoors & Anchor banned & Turtles/Chunk Loaders.

  • Plugins: We feature many plugins such as MCMMO and APOC-RPG (Custom items/drops/enchants/loot chests) along with protection plugins for all worlds, economy and reward plugins, weather and time voting, random teleportation, and much more.
Servers we Host:
  • (1.5.2) Hexxit: HEX.APOCGAMING.ORG
  • (1.5.2) Voltz: VOL.APOCGAMING.ORG
  • (1.6.4) Agrarian Skies: AS.APOCGAMING.ORG
  • (1.6.4) Attack of the B-Team: BT.APOCGAMING.ORG
  • (1.6.4) Tekkit Space/Main: TM.APOCGAMING.ORG
  • (1.6.4) Test Pack Please Ignore: TPPI.APOCGAMING.ORG
  • (1.6.4) Yogscast Complete: YCC.APOCGAMING.ORG
  • (1.7.10) APOC Tech & RPG (Custom Pack): TRPG.APOCGAMING.ORG
  • (1.7.10) Tekkit Legends: TLEG.APOCGAMING.ORG
CreditZilacon, Technic

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02/14/2015 11:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gotta love a good tekkit server !! 
   Great staff better players !
09/02/2014 5:42 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Network
Zilacon avatar
Server is online. PMC is showing us as offline but our servers are all online.
Check our server status on our website at apocclangaming.enjin.com
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