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Ares Playground
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I am a big fan of factions and fairness. I loved factions when it was all still new when you didn't need to donate to get ahead or when farms and mobgrinders weren't nerfed. These structures are basic minecraft functionality so say bring them on they are a lot of work and risky to build but the pay off is big. I have also implemented physical shop so factions actually have to buy and sell in gold and actually protect there money not store it away in a fictional bank account. Also for a little fun I have added magic spells you can learn if you conquer the dungeons they are hidden in once learned you have them forever just use your magic wand (stick) and at the cost of a few materials (redstone etc.) you can cast them. I will also expand the server as needed sp if you have tons of friends or enemys bring them along if the server fills up I will upgrade.

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  • August 20, 2012, 4:47 pm
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