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⚔️ AydaaCraft - Survival + Skyblock ⚔️

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⚔️ AydaaCraft - Survival + Skyblock ⚔️
Status Online! Pinged: 05/24/22
Game VersionMinecraft Java AydaaCraftOS_1.18.1 1.18.1
??????? Welcome to AydaaCraft ???????
                   So fresh! Hits of 2022!
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⚔️ AydaaCraft - Survival + Skyblock ⚔️ Minecraft Server
⚔️ AydaaCraft - Survival + Skyblock ⚔️ Minecraft Server
AydaaCraft has a goal to bring a mysterious and adventurous side to survival Minecraft, explore ancient ruins for loot, battle for life in hostile environments plus complete special quests and dungeons for a little extra challenge.


⚔️ AydaaCraft - Survival + Skyblock ⚔️ Minecraft Server

Overworld - Our main 1.18 generation world
SkyLands - Floating Islands with biomes
[​COMING SOON] Realms - Custom biomes and generation [​COMING SOON]
SkyBlock - Choose from 6 custom islands
We also have a Creative Plots world!


Are our newest addition to the server,
Featuring custom mobs and boss' to get powerful loot from,

also ranging in difficulty for an extra challenge!

New 3D custom mobs wander around the server,
Observe and fight these mobs as if they were in vanilla Minecraft!

Offering a new challenge to survival is Tiered Mobs,
Also known as Elites, These elites range in difficulty depending on your level

Claim land for you and your friends,
build up a small town together or conquer the world.

View the ever expanding online map, view full worlds from a birds-eye-view
[​click here]

Join our Discord server and chat with other players,
plus stay up-to-date with announcements and event happenings
You can also chat to the Minecraft server to players online!


Stats Hall of Fame
Shulker Box viewer
(Right click to open in your inventory)
BeeHive Stats
(Right click a bee or hive)
Custom blocks and items
Elite arenas
Custom link portals
(create an emerald portal with two red stone blocks inside to light it.)

43 Update Logs

Revamp Project overhaul : by Adelando 05/11/2022 3:38:12 amMay 11th

Server Revamp Project

Today marks the release of some long awaited features, it’s been a heck of a project for myself to complete. Juggling a new job, getting enough sleep and doing renovations to my office space, it’s been a rough couple of months. And in those months we’ve seen new players join us and enjoy building on the server.

So what’s in our revamp project I hear you ask? We’ll check out the list below!

- New spawnpoint (labelled Spawn Village)
- New world teleport menus
- teleport to any world from anywhere
- New help menus “/helper” (over 10+ server menus)
- Help Commands
- Player profile
- Player stats
- Auction house management
- Server info / server links
- Quick Warps
- Improved Dungeon teleports menu
- Land management menu (coming soon)
- Battle pass management
- And much more…
- New Elite arena (Up to 6 players, min of 2)
- 50 Waves with rewards for completing major waves
- New player bank system
- New shops
- Fab-Ricks
- Farmer Jones
- General Wares
- Item Customiser
- Downtown Tavern
- More coming soon
- New craftable/placeable furniture store (from Fab-ricks)
- All non-vanilla recipes added to recipe book
- New Elite dungeons
- Binder of Worlds
(New 5+ player required dungeon with a 3-phase level 200 dragon boss, Drops unbinding scroll)
- Vampire manor
(New dungeon with experimental block mechanics that activate during combat)
- New mini stats room (plus personal stats menu)
- Balanced durability loss for Elite weapons and balanced mob attacks plus balanced all dungeons
- Removed the Guild badge in chat from new players that haven’t unlocked rank 1
- New Auction House
- New Auction House discord announcement channel
- New server wide boosters
- New secure player trading (shift+Right click or via command)
- Togglable sidebar and bossbar options in profile menu
- Removed background for sidebar
- Moved all adventurers guild NPCs to new spawn village
- New /em menu for stats and tracking
- New Battlepass for daily and weekly quests
- Added Free pass and Premium pass
- (Emerald members have Premium for life)
- New Ruby rank (and Rank Expert To help)
- New emotes and cosmetics system (coming next update)
- Removed player rentable shops
- Reduced resource pack size by ~5Mb to 7mb
- Reduced server Simulation distance to 8 chunks (experimental testing)
- Removed outdated Special item particles plugin
- Removed outdated dyeable bundles plugin
- Removed 1.17 items adder plugin (obsolete)
- Removed redundant and double feature plugins (plugins that do a similar thing)

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