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⚔️ AydaaCraft ⚔️ Creative, Survival, Skyblock!

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⚔️ AydaaCraft ⚔️ Creative, Survival, Skyblock!
Status Online! Pinged: 04/16/21
Game VersionMinecraft Java Use Minecraft 1.16.4/5 §r§70§8/§740
     ? ? ? Welcome to AydaaCraft! ? ? ? 
          Whats that lurking in the shadows?
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Online: 24/7 | Survival | QUESTS | McMMO | Multiverse

AydaaCraft is an ancient and mysterious survival Minecraft server, where ancient ruins and special quests fill multiple worlds. Use the ancient portals to be transferred to new worlds and prove yourself to the powerful ancient server gods!

The Worlds:

Explore an ever expanding mysterious Floating island world or take a leap into the unknown with our grid world. Build up your base in the realms world, or see the magical old spawn tree in the overworld.

Tired of survival? Try out the creative plots world, you can join two or more plots together for some serious building space!

Solo more your style? We just introduced Skyblock!

Server features:

Survival has been transformed into the new age, McMMO is enabled in all worlds to enhance your survival experience, skills and your tools.

Claim land for you and your friends, build up a town together or go to war with other nearby towns.

Increase your survival rate by trading for items in the spawn shops, or gather those little extra resources needed for your base!

Quickly and easily view the contents of any shulker box by right-clicking the box in your inventory or chest.

Easily view stats about wild or captive bees and hives by right-clicking them.

Dynmap is live, equipped with a 2D birds eye-view of all worlds, players are hidden but coords are not.

Create custom portals between all worlds, bring your villagers to your base, anywhere!


💠 Towny - (Working on integration)

Join our Discord here [​color=#3598db]https://discord.gg/h8BkB3Q[​/color]

Help support us and grab some awesome perks!
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32 Update Logs

March Madness 2021 : 03/15/2021 7:39:53 pmMar 15th

**RUNNING 22nd MARCH till 28th!**

**This years March Madness is a little different,**
You will be going head to head with your fellow server friends on teams!

**Blue Team** Vs **Red Team**

These teams will be assigned automatically when you login and you can't change teams!
This means you *may* end up on the opposite team to your friends

Most milestones will be **for all players** to achieve as a total but at the end of the week the team that is out on top will win the ultimate prizes!

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