Bending Masters |Custom World Element Bending | 1.13.2

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Bending Masters |Custom World Element Bending | 1.13.2
Status Online! Pinged: 05/24/20
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13
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Bending Masters

In this server you can control the elements, Fire, Earth, Water or Air...The Spritis of Darkness, Light or those that balance it Neutral!

Server Ip: Port: 25578
(Minecraft Version 1.13.2)

*Features all with Bending*
- Mob Arenas -
- Fast Paced Arena PvP and PvP Rewards -
- Towny Focused Survival -
- Runecraft (Create your own world)-
- HealthBars & Special Unique Mobs -
- Big Dungeons -
- Bounties -
- Quests -
- World Edit -
- EULA Compliant -

All possible choices in the server:
Fire : The strongest element, ready to incinerate anything in its path.
Earth : The sturdiest element, ready to face anything head-on.
Water : The element of change, use your enemies strength against them.
Air : The fastest element, swift as the wind and light as a feather, the untouchable.
Spirit : This prankster is always on the move, slowly chipping you away.
Dark Spirit : The brutal force of a Dark Spirit is on par with fires destruction capabilities.
Light Spirit : The support helps his allies survive whatever comes at them.
Chi Blocker : The always moving strategist with the power to take your powers away in a single punch.

Just like in the "The Legend of Korra" or "The Legend of Aang TV Show" the server focuses on how precise and fast you can use your bending abilities.

In survival abilities like, SeismicSense allow you to see trough walls, be it to locate dangerous mobs or diamond ore, others like WakeFishing allows you to take fish out of water and HeatControl to cook food or cool down fire and lava, all these will help you in survival. But the most fun part about bending is that it boundaries are only limited by your imagination.
There is alot to learn in-game and a small tutorial is available at spawn, so join in and start bending today.
In addition, becoming a master grants you all the sub elements for the main element.

Discord :
Website :

-Simple Ingame Rules-
Griefing and raiding is allowed in unclaimed terrain.
Be respectful with players and staff.
No mods or hacks that would give an unfair advantage.
Swearing is allowed if its not excessive or disrespectful.
Please do not complain in PvP.
Upper Staff will judge specific cases.

Additional rules details by typing /rules in-game.
CreditThe community.

13 Update Logs

Update #13 : 04/15/2020 11:11:32 amApr 15th

Massive Rework of Ranks.
Added over 3 secrets.
Events while world is on quarantine.
Massive Rework of certain regions.

02/22/2018 11:34 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Skinner
Fun server. Id recommend anyone that likes survival, bending, or towny to join.
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