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Bending Masters |Custom World Element Bending | 1.12.2

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avatar Darkermoon
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
Bending Masters |Custom World Element Bending | 1.12.2
Status Online! Pinged: 01/23/19
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2
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Bending Masters

In this server you can control the elements, Fire, Earth, Water or Air...and more!

Server Ip: bendingmasters.mc-dns.com
(Minecraft Version 1.12.2)

- Hunger Games -
- Fast Paced Arena PvP and PvP Rewards -
- Towny Focused Survival -
- Runecraft -
- HealthBars & Stronger Mobs -
- Big Dungeons -
- Bounties -
- Quests -
- Creative with World Edit -
- EULA Compliant -

All possible choices in the server:
Fire : The strongest element, ready to incinerate anything in its path.
Earth : The sturdiest element, ready to face anything head-on.
Water : The element of change, use your enemies strength against them.
Air : The fastest element, swift as the wind and light as a feather, the untouchable.
Spirit : This prankster is always on the move, slowly chipping you away.
Dark Spirit : The brutal force of a Dark Spirit is on par with fires destruction capabilities.
Light Spirit : The support helps his allies survive whatever comes at them.
Chi Blocker : The always moving strategist with the power to take your powers away in a single punch.

Just like in the "The Legend of Korra" or "The Legend of Aang TV Show" the server focuses on how precise and fast you can use your bending abilities.

In survival abilities like, SeismicSense allow you to see trough walls, be it to locate dangerous mobs or diamond ore, others like WakeFishing allows you to take fish out of water and HeatControl to cook food or cool down fire and lava, all these will help you in survival. But the most fun part about bending is that it boundaries are only limited by your imagination.
There is alot to learn in-game and a small tutorial is available at spawn, so join in and start bending today.
In addition, becoming a master grants you all the sub elements for the main element.

A new avatar is chosen every week on Tuesdays. The avatar can bend all Four elements and their power is vastly increased.

Discord :
Website :

-Simple Ingame Rules-
Griefing and raiding is allowed in unclaimed terrain.
Be respectful with players and staff.
No mods or hacks that would give an unfair advantage.
Swearing is allowed if its not excessive or disrespectful.
Please do not complain in PvP.
Upper Staff will judge specific cases.

Additional rules details at server spawn.

12 Update Logs

Update #12 : 01/08/2019 10:47:30 pmJan 8th

Bending Balance

Fire Updates:
  • Combustion cooldown now 1.6sec(was 1)
  • FireSpin damage lowered by 1(was 5).
  • Lightning will no longer insta kill water arm users, will deal 15 damage to them instead.(5 more than normal).

Air Updates:
  • AirCocoon cooldown is now 1.5sec(was 2)
  • Medidate now takes 6 sec(was 10) to activate and grants Speed/Jump 5(was 4) for a longer time(90sec).

Earth Updates:
  • Crevice cooldown now 0.8(was 1)


Grand Master Trial has been released. If you ever want to prove yourself in bending, this is the ultimate test.

Master Test remodeled to look prettier.

New world, the Resource War has been released, in this small world, pvp is turned on and encouraged and you can get alot of...resources here.

Monsters now have their health returned to vanilla status, this means they basically doubled in health.

A new armor set as strong as the Havenly set is now available, the Abyssal set is now craftable.

Nocturna Town expanded.

Spawn Changes: Warp Section, Tutorial Warp, Grand Master Warp, Premium Hub.

Desernia Town added with new quests.

Ficena Town added, it is pretty empty for now? Maybe its too cold there.

Ruins of Alzerk(Glade) added.

Shimmer Cave(Glade) added.

Haven Hall additions and tweaks.

Reena new NPC in the Strange Mirror has a new interesting reward if you complete its quest.

World Lore expanded upon.

Dora Grandma has now moved on from selling Recalls and passed on the duty to someone else she could find in those places.

New Tutorial zone.

New Welcome sequence for new players.

When strong bosses are killed, it is broadcasted to the whole server.

Slaying mobs like "El" mobs, may get you a special Key for certain crates.

New playable cutscenes.


Referal: You now get 5000$ per referal /refer. When you refer 10 people you get extra 50000$.

Each vote now awards you with 250$, 1 vote point and 250 credits.

A ton more of cosmetics for our Premium players.

New way of getting Potions such as Wither 3 Potions.

Better /party .

(for those who haven't joined the Discord : discordapp.com/invite/vVBmudt )

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  • ItsVaas
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Toast
  • February 22, 2018, 6:34 pm
Fun server. Id recommend anyone that likes survival, bending, or towny to join.

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