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You're able to vote once a day for Minecraft Server "Creative Fun" on Planet Minecraft. This United Kingdom server has been on PMC since Feb 24th, 2016 and this month they have 1,501 votes. Voting for this Minecraft server helps them rise the server charts on Planet Minecraft. Thanks for helping them grow.

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Username is CaSe-SeNsiTive

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Toggle Announcements : 01/23/2021 5:17:21 pmJan 23rd

Hi everyone,

Recently we have been pushing out frequent updates every few days that players have suggested to us and I am pleased to announce that you can now toggle the server announcement messages with /settings. The option is called "Server Announcements".

Here is an example of what a server announcement looks like:

You can now disable seeing these server announcements in chat with /settings:

Chat Filter
We have seen a large reduction of false positives with the new changes that were made to the chat filter last week and have fixed several false positives that we have logged over the week so you should notice an improvement. As always, we will continue to monitor the normal words that are getting blocked when they shouldn't and hope to have these fixed every week.

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