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1.19+ LGBTQ+ Survival play.Crystalcraft.me

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xSoleau avatar xSoleau
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
1.19+ LGBTQ+ Survival play.Crystalcraft.me
Status Online! Pinged: 02/07/23
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.19
CrystalCraft! | LGBTQ+Survival | Playershops | Claims |  & much more!
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LGBT+ Minecraft semi-vanilla server [​13+]
  • Towns
  • Players-based economy
  • Crates & kits
  • Accepting community <3
  • Build competitions
  • Badges, wings, particles & more!

IP: play.crystalcraft.me
Version: 1.19+ Java

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06/29/2021 4:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ApocalypticGhstz avatar
I quite literally made an account just to post about this server. My friend might of been trolling but i was actually keen to play on this server when the admin noticed my skin and then banned me for trolling / nsfw. When i haven't done anything wrong. Im actually trying to find an LGBTQ server friendly enough and that doesn't abuse powers to simp over someone else.

Worst LGBTQ server i have ever visited and ever since my ban i felt slightly heart broken to know that this server doesnt want to be judged on first sight yet the admin that banned me judged me instantly before talking to me. Jailed me for 1200 Years and muted me so we couldn't do anything.

I was actually keen to play but i had to leave this review because it was purely garbage.

If you want to know my username it was: xKosmos. My name doesn't sound like it should be around the LGBTQ but im only fairly new to the LGBTQ and to be judged and banned on first sight without being spoken to or anything.

If you need to contact me use my discord and make sure to type it in correctly or just copy and paste it into the friends list and message me there. I wish to get unbanned but seriously??? That admin deserves to be demoted or not given a rank at all. Im letting all my other LGBTQ friends that they shouldn't join this server. Im sorry for the negative review but the admin that banned me deserves to know what i thought about that.

My discord name:
Prof. Goose#4142

Horrible server and worst admin i've ever met.

06/29/2021 5:34 pmhistory
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
xSoleau avatar
Hey xKomos,

I'm sorry this happened to you, but you did indeed make a NSFW comment within 6 minutes of being completely new to the server. We have very young teenagers in the server, which means we're strict when it comes down to anything NSFW-related (this is also written within our rules). You can imagine as part of the online LGBT+ community how many trolls we get as an LGBT+ server. & this does not excuse poor management over new-join members of course, but we are very vigilant when it comes to new members trolling a bit around.

We truly care about the safety of our server-members. This means when 2 new friends join us & one has the purpose of trolling while the other one doesn't, but yet makes a NSFW comment, then you're both most likely to be banned.

Please fill in our unban appeal if you'd like to be unbanned: Appeal your ban

04/15/2021 8:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SwxxtLyly avatar
04/03/2021 1:50 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Wild_Fern_ avatar
Hi, are you sure this is the right ip? The server isn't loading
04/06/2021 7:34 pm
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
xSoleau avatar
Heya, my apologies!! I changed the serverIP to the correct one <3
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