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Level 2 : Apprentice Miner

Server Info : RID 1322974

Status: Offline Pinged: 11/23/13
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.3.1
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Craft. Mine. Fight. Survive.

Home of seasoned PvPers. Here your skills will be put to the test. You have one life, use it wisely.


All basic information is currently available on our website (dbfactions.net) and we encourage you to thoroughly research the unique elements that make this server what it is. DBFactions is a hardcore, factions pvp server. This is one of the more competitive servers that you will find. It is essential that you try to make a faction with a friend or someone you trust. Just remember that anyone can betray you at any point in time.

Unique Plugins/Events:

Scaling Deathban: If you die during the first 12 hours of your play time your deathban will be scaled accordingly. If you play for 34 minutes, you will be banned for 34 minutes. It will continue to scale up until you have a total playtime of 12 hours which is when the deathban will be raised to 3 days.

Life Usage Cooldown: If you purchase lives or gain lives through events you will not be able to use the life for 30 minutes giving enemies a chance to take down your faction in those 30 minutes without having people get right back on and regain all of their power. This eliminates a lot of the pay to win aspect of factions.

Koth: Factions try to control a designated point for a predetermined amount of time in order to receive an item from the loot table.

Pig Racing: Players mount pigs and try to be the first one to get down their lane in order to receive a spawn. ( This plugin will be automated in the future )

Enchantment/Potion Blacklisting: Prevents players from using/creating items such at prot 3/4 and some of the op potions that are listed on our website.

Antilogger: Prevents players from logging out to avoid being killed by spawning an npc in their place for 15 seconds. Player can check if they are in combat and how much longer they are in combat by using the command /ct (combat time)

Deathban, Killsign, KillCount: Self explanitory

Pearl Cooldown: Players can only use pearls once every 12 seconds.

Archer mod: Players will get a bonus of 1.5x when hitting a player at long range with a bow to make bows useful for once.

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Additional Notes

Home of seasoned PvPers. Here your skills will be put to the test. You have one life, use it wisely.
Credit:Legobrah, Jhoward, and Adam_tw (Coding) Legobrah(Concept) Legobrah(Funding) Bloo_Butterfly

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  • SoggyLettuce
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Miner
  • August 27, 2012, 3:11 pm
Yea, The life cooldown is one of the many unique aspects of this amazing server.
I'm really liking this server. The life cooldown is a really nice addition.

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