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KushPvP - Map #3 - $260 Paypal Rewards

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FactionsTrapstar avatar FactionsTrapstar
Level 10 : Journeyman Network
KushPvP - Map #3 - $260 Paypal Rewards
Status Online! Pinged: 06/28/22
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft Java FlameCord 1.7.x-1.18.x
             » » » KUSHPVP ? 1.8-1.18.x « « «
NEWS: Factions HAZE Map 4 @ 1/7/22 3PM EST
Connect With
:kush: `KushPvP` - `Factions HAZE MAP 3`

:information_source: `Map Information`

:people_hugging: `Faction Size:` 5 Man Factions, Unlimited Roster
:money: `Economy:` Upgradable Tools (x4) Meteors/KOTH/RPOST/OUTPOST/BOSSES
:explodingtnt~1: `Cannon Speed:` 3 Seconds
:shield: `Shield Length:` 20 Hours
:shield: `Buffer:` 15 Chunk
:alarm_clock: `Map Length:` 3d Grace , 6 Days TNT

:hourglass_flowing_sand: `Schedule`

`Release:` 17th June 2022 8pm GMT+1/London `(3PM EST)`
`Raiding Outpost:` Every 12 hours world claims/builds will be reset. (Enables 6hours after SOTW)
`Grace End:` 3 Days (Ends 20th May)
`EOTW:` 25st June 2022 8pm GMT+1/London `(3PM EST)`

:money_with_wings: `Payouts`

:first_place: `FTOP 1:` 160$ Paypal + $100 Buycraft + 1x Anarchist Rank + 1x Warlock Rank
:second_place: `FTOP 2:` 40$ Paypal + $70 Buycraft + 1x Anarchist Rank
:third_place: `FTOP 3:` 15$ Paypal +50$ Buycraft + 1x Warlock Rank
:four: `FTOP 4:` 35$ Buycraft

:hehe: `Other Rewards`

:first_place: `KoTH Top:` $5 Paypal + $15 Buycraft
:second_place: `KoTH Top:` $10 Buycraft

:first_place: `Cane Top:` $10 Paypal + $10 Buycraft
:second_place: `Cane Top:` $10 Buycraft

:first_place: `Vote Top:` $20 Buycraft + Anarchist Rank + 1x Hash Crate
:second_place: `Vote Top:` $10 Buycraft + Stoner Rank + 1x Hash Crate

:first_place: `Mob Top:` $10 Paypal + $10 Buycraft
:second_place: `Mob Top:` $10 Buycraft

:first_place: `Mining Top:` $10 Paypal + $10 Buycraft
:second_place: `Mining Top:` $10 Buycraft

:first_place: `Fishing Top:` $10 Paypal + $10 Buycraft
:second_place: `Fishing Top:` $10 Buycraft

:kush: `IP: play.kushpvp.xyz / play.kushpvp.net`
`Store: store.kushpvp.xyz `
:discord: `Discord:` discord.gg/FBJV8xVNBG

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by FactionsTrapstar 06/18/2022 3:45:45 pmJun 18th

KushPvP - Factions HAZE - Change Logs

Added 7 Venders (/venders)
⭐ New Fragments (8 Fragments)
⭐ Scrap Fragments - Low Tier
⭐ Kush Crate Fragments - Purchases Kush Monthlys in-game.
⭐ Rank Fragments - Ranks have been removed from credit shop this is the new way to obtain ranks in-game.
⭐ Spawner Fragments - Can get mystery spawners from these.
⭐ Key Fragments - Purchase Keys in-game.
⭐ Armor Fragments - Purchase armor crates in-game.
⭐ Command Fragments - Purchase temp/perm commands in-game.
⭐ Essence Scrap - Obtain 5 of these and you will be able to reset your class.

⭐ Overhauled alot of the text files so it matches the rest of the server
⭐ theme.

Mining Eco
⭐ Added new Mining Pickaxes with /coinshop (Transfer coins to credits)
⭐ But you still need coins to upgrade your pickaxes, souldbound is free on pickaxes.
⭐ It may seem like mining doesnt give alot but once you get your upgrades up it gives a decent amount of money!
⭐ Also with key finder on Mining Pickaxes we have Mining Crates in the loot-table!

Overhauled many GUI's
⭐ /mine - /mining
⭐ /fish - /fishing
⭐ /koth (no longer /koth gui)
⭐ /outpost
⭐ /vender - /venders
⭐ /fhelp (Core Commands)
⭐ and many more!

New Anarchist Rank
⭐ Check /ranks in game for all new commands.
⭐ Added /reclaim (All Ranks)

New /cc (Chat Color)
⭐ A known issue, when having Styled Chat [item] doesnt work, usign normal colors
⭐ like blue, green, red work but the Exclusive ones dont seem to like it working on a fix!

New Armors Sets
⭐ Snoop Dog + Sword
⭐ Ghost Set
⭐ Alien Set
⭐ Bard Set (/creditshop) + Essential in Map 3 PvP

New Outposts and KoTH's
⭐ Waves KOTH added
⭐ Inferno KOTH added
⭐ Mining Outpost added

⭐ All Lootboxes have been updated with a new design (same design to keep eco the same)
⭐ Lootboxes the amount you can select has changed from 5 to 4 items.

⭐ Credit Shop has been redone!

Meteors (Envoys) have been added!
⭐ Dank Crate - most items have been added!
⭐ Fragment Crate - Only Fragments are in the loottable, more rare to spawn.
⭐ Dank/Fragment Flares are in the Scrap Smither (/venders)

Monthly Crates - Crates
⭐ NEW Hash Monthly Crates
⭐ Kush Crate items changed slightly
⭐ Sativa/Indica/Kush Key Crates have been slightly changed

⭐ We have added a few exclusive rank commands to Anarchist you can see them in /ranks
⭐ But to make some of these things more fair like the /fly we added temp fly vouchers
⭐ that can be brought from the Command Smither at /warp venders!
⭐ /eat - /feed command cooldown changed from 2m to 15s
⭐ /near - Was added to Vanguard+
⭐ /duel [player] we have added many dueling arenas for players to duel and many gamemoes!
⭐ with dueling you can also bet money and items if you are feeling pvp worthy!

If you wanna see a full change log #change-logs for a full list over the last week or so!

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