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Eksyia avatar Eksyia
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Status Offline Pinged: 07/03/23
Game VersionMinecraft Java
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Welcome to the world of Eksyia

there are a lot different believings in the world of eksyia but this is the only real story

At first Eksyia didn't even exist, there was only one world and that was the world for god and his higher children. God his most important childs Eliana and Adriana wanted to create a less perfect world together, altough the sisters were completely different god allowed them to make the world. So Eliana and Adriana created the world and filled it with a couple of different races of wich a few are still unknown. The discovered part of the world showed us the Orcs living in the Deadman's dessert, a bloodthirsty and war willing kind, created by Eliana. Their leader warchief Thrin wanted war with every other tribe but Eliana told them to work together with her other creations. The Trolls much more clever nd not wanting war at all l but the orcs brought it to them. The last known creation by Eliana were the dwarven but the dwarven are special. They were created together with Adriana but would later split into two different bloodlines. Adriana created the Elven, wise inhibitand of the lands of Elmar the elven king. she also created the humans lead by Aizak and together with her sister the dwarven ofcourse. At first all these races lived peacefully together but Eliana didn't find it interesting enough, she wanted her creatures to batlle her sister's and let each other suffer. Adriana didn't want that but they already started battleing each other. As soon as God found out Adriana wanted to slaughter all the races to get rid of the fight between her sister and her. God really got mad ad her but Eliana clever as was tried to fight god using the acient magic that created the godly empire. God knew he wasn't going to win so he spread his powers between Eliana and Adriana creating a curse that forbid them to participate in the war. Adriana and Eliana instructed their warchiefs. The orcs were happy, but all the other races were scared. The Dwarven kings Ramordon and Romardon disagreed about wich side to pick so Ramordon's bloodline chose Eliana and Romardon bloodline chose Adriana. The godly planet split in two different world one for Eliana one for Adriana both not realising they did something horrible.


Donators Info& Rules

Sending tickets
You can send tickets using the more and then contact button. Or just by emailing us at: Eksyiatale@gmail.com

Email us (including wich package you want and how you want to pay check: Eksyiatale@gmail.com

- Don't grief if others are offline or not in war
- Don't flame/use Racism
- Don't exploit buggs
- Don't mod
- Don't troll insane or cheat
- Don't spam
- Behave properly
- Don't spam


Donator 5$
Personal horses
Arena package (coming soon)
ViP forum title

Donator+ 10$
Everything donator got
ultra arena package
ViP spot
Larger stacks (coming soon)

Donator++ 25$
Everything Donator+ got
Building speed increased

Personal dragons
extra flying speed
Xtreme arena package (coming soon)


Admins Jerry-Romardon
Looking for a admin since admin Warchief was recently removed.


Q:Why can't i register at the site?
A: You need to add special signs like @ or $ have a capital and and at least 8 signs

Q Why am i rookie and why can i not build?
A: Wait for an admin to move you to a country or even better notice an admin before you enter the country/story. Sending a ticket will also get your attention.

Q Can you unban me?
A: No your banned for a reason

Q: Will dynmap be online? What's it's IP
A: Dynmap will be online in the night of the 2nd. august 2013. because we need to fix the ports with the host. (it's still playable without.) Also the IP will be mailed to you if your a registered member of the site along with other important stuff and updates.

Q: I don't understand anything?
A: Read the story, rules, info and register to the website will help you alot further !

The server is brand new have fun!

The server is brand new have fun Playing kind Regards
~~The Eksyiatale staff.

Als be sure to subscribe for trailers and updates ~~ trailer online tonight.


Additional Notes

Our server is an RPG server about Adriana and Eliana two high gods creating a world and then getting into bafttle. Well you can read the full story yourself!.

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