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avatar Zeuk
Level 1 : New Miner
Esoteria Minecraft
Status Online! Pinged: 02/16/19
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13
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Welcome to Esoteria Minecraft!! Esoteria Minecraft will be an ambitious open world, RPG server, featuring Heroes, MythicMobs and many custom systems that are unique to our server. Esoteria is currently under construction and will be open as soon as it is ready!

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Hey folks! Jimmy here with some updates!

We've really been hammering out some content recently. Aqua is now getting scripted, the first dungeon is nearing completion and the Ancient Catacombs a medium-high level dungeon is also almost finished.

A lot of systems are being worked on including hitpoint indicators for when mobs are struck or healed.

Frontier's Folly has been getting a lot of work. The Thieves guild has been built and the scripting for it will begin soon. Lots of quests will be added. Can you find all of the secrets of the guild when we launch?

New mobs are being made including unique bosses and dungeon specific mobs as well!

The jobs system has been implemented and ready for use. With the jobs system you will be able to perform daily tasks for in game money. It comes complete with a spiffy menu for easily tracking jobs and remembering their locations!

The Bulwark is now under construction, a new settlement far from world's center which makes it a dangerous proposition to explore the areas around. Use the safety of its walls to rest when venturing this far out!

Many dev systems have been put into place, tested and are ready to go! This means we can now focus primarily on new content.

As the weeks go on these updates will become more and more frequent. Keep checking back, Esoteria grows ever closer to public launch.

Sneak peak at the first boss created by Zeuk!


Hey folks! Jimmy here, one of the server owners.

I'll try to put some regular updates on here from time to time so people can see the progress we've made and get an idea of when we will launch to the public!

Currently Heroes features 28 classes including 6 professions and 22 classes! We have our own original systems in place that makes Heroes easier to use than ever before!

Zeuk just finished up a lot of work on the first boss players encounter in Esoteria. Like many of the mobs it's original content and won't be anything you might expect!

The quest system has been finished and is complete with a Reputation system and even a self-updating Quest Journal so players don't get lost! Our goal is to make quests open world style, some can be completed through exploration alone! These are original systems written by us devs and will only be found on Esoteria Minecraft!

Here is a video of a very basic quest to give you a general idea on how the systems will function: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQss-QADtuo&t=107s

What sort of things would you like to see in an open world, RPG survival server? We're always open to suggestions!

  • Zeuk
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • January 12, 2019, 8:27 pm
Yes, the server is currently whitelist only. You may join our Discord server for now and if you are a builder it is possible we'll allow you early Alpha access while get everything set up! Our Discord is: discord.gg/Su3K2V9
  • HotCold
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • January 12, 2019, 7:55 am
"as soon as its ready" isnt quite specific enough considering this is an advertisement. Is there a website or a discord you have where players can keep up with the server till release?
  • Realityy
  • Level 1
  • New Network
  • January 12, 2019, 7:53 am
not whitelisted
  • HotCold
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • January 12, 2019, 8:09 am
yes it is lol

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