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You're able to vote once a day for Minecraft Server "FloCraft.Online" on Planet Minecraft. This United States server has been on PMC since Nov 22nd, 2020 and this month they have 221 votes. Voting for this Minecraft server helps them rise the server charts on Planet Minecraft. Thanks for helping them grow.

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Username is CaSe-SeNsiTive

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2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 04/13/2021 11:27:08 amApr 13th

Comet — 03/13/2021
Pvp toggle back on
Comet — 03/13/2021
Added a couple quests hidden at spawn:
Feeding the Poor

Use /quests to open the quest book
Comet — 03/13/2021
Updated casino foyer and slot machine area
Comet — 03/14/2021
Added the “Manager” at the old tavern. Type /courtyard and go through the portal to get upstairs. He sells collectable eggs and rare heads.
Delbow — 03/19/2021
/marry sethome now requires trust from land claim owner

Set server max to 30 from 50

changed dynmap claims update time to 3600s from 300s

Quest markers changed on live map: bookshelf -> compass

GoldenCrates auto-save change: 15 -> 30

Dynmap Optimizations
-Maximum chunk loads per server tick: 200 -> 120
-template changed: low resolution -> very low resolution
-write interval: 1s -> 2s
-web timeout: 30m -> 15m
-tiles rendered at once: 2 -> 1
-render interval: 1s -> 2s
-Remove render triggers: explosion, blockbreak, blockplace
-tile update delay: 30s -> 60
-web chat interval: 5s -> 15s
-Player health display disabled
-Player head size decreased
-Player position update: 1000ms -> 3000ms
-full render player limit: 0 -> 10
-update player limit: 0 -> 6

Spam prevention add
-prevents players from flooding chat with a repeated message

Cuffed players can no longer send private messages
Delbow — 03/23/2021
Allow fly = disable

Added Iced Coffee:
Info and recipe:
name: Watery Coffee/Iced Coffee/Strong Iced Coffee
- cookie/8
- snowball/4
- milk_bucket/1
cookingtime: 1
color: BLACK
difficulty: 4
- SPEED/10
Delbow — 03/25/2021
Dynmap- hideifundercover changed to 14 from 0
Dynmap- hideifshadow - changed to 7 from 0

ticks-per monster spawns changed to 2 from 1

ticks-per water spawns changed to 3 from 1

Keep spawn loaded range: 6 from 10

mob spawner tick rate 2
container-update-tick-rate 2 from 1
armor-stands-tick: false from true
max-auto-save-chunks-per-tick 12 from 24

ticks-per- hopper trasnfer 24 from 20
tick-inactive-villagers: false from true
Comet — 03/26/2021
Reverted an update to Clans that was causing an error. Went back to older stable version
Delbow — 03/27/2021
Automized server events:
+Daily restart at 6am EST
+Auto start and end for PvP day (start at midnight EST Friday, end at midnight EST on Saturday)
Delbow — 03/28/2021
You must be looking at air to use Shulker backpacks now. Looking at a block when shift-clicking will now place the shulker (result of a plugin update)
Delbow — 03/28/2021
-Daily restart removed, stopped successfully but did not start back up again. Looking for a different way to do this. PvP Day automization will still work
Delbow — 03/28/2021
Updated guide on the website
Delbow — 03/31/2021
McMMO Salvage Nerf
Max quantities reduced:
Diamond Sword 2 -> 1
Diamond Axe 3 -> 2
Diamond Hoe 2 -> 1
Diamond Helmet 5 -> 3
Diamond Chestplate 8 -> 5
Diamond Leggings 7 -> 4
Diamond Boots 4 -> 2
Delbow — 04/06/2021
Added /market warp
Delbow — 04/07/2021
Updated Geyser
Delbow — 04/07/2021
Must be a member of Flocrafts Discord for longer than 10min to write in channels or initiate DMs with other server members
Comet — Yesterday at 10:27 PM
1. Parrots will now stay on your shoulder when you walk around!
2. Expanded spawn chunks range
3. Treasure maps now lead to the closest treasure instead of first undiscovered treasure
4. AFK players will no longer spawn new mobs
5. AFK timeout = 1 Hour
6. Novice playtime requirement changed to 1 hour from 30 minutes.
7. Max players = 35
8. Added soulbind plugin
9. Added Real Estate plugin
10. Added new cosmetics plugin
11. Updated Geyser
12. Removed bedrock texture pack
13. Numerous tweaks to improve tps and lag.

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