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KitsuneKingdoms 16+
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Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
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Hello and welcome to KitsuneKingdoms 16+ Adult server,
here you will find adventure and rpg set in medival and pirate themed worlds.
We are a 16+ adult server.

KitsuneKingdoms is a survival server that brings Towny, RPG, Adventure and Survival together in one style of game play that's set in Medieval and pirate themed worlds. Altogether we have four worlds and items are transferable between them, custom Pirate world, custom Medieval world, normal survival world, and a custom survival world. (Custom survival world coming soon)
There are player shops, player homes and Admin Shops that can be found throughout the worlds. The server has started fresh for the 1.14+ and thus it is a work in progress, we have a small community and it's a solid mature community with a friendly helpful staff team. All staff are well over the age of 16+ and the server is ran by adults and so we tend to get the older relaxed crowd.
There is a fair economy and jobs to earn money, we also have MCmmo which adds achievements and cool skills.
Keep inventory is on in the over worlds, fire spread is off, mob block damage is off and there is grief prevention and core protect, however the server is set to hard mode and we have custom mobs with enchanted drops along with dangerous caves and a added challenge for miners but as miners you also earn great rewards.
We also encourage builder ship and offer almost all blocks in the shops as well as a means to sell items you don't need, we also have five ranks in which at higher ranks you earn fly to also aid in building.
As you join you start as a Peasant rank with one set home and all basic's and as you rank up to Landlubber you get three sethomes, colored chat, and back to help you build. From there you get more and more perks, you rank up by defeating dungeon runs instead of pay to play. We also have Discord, and new players get a free rank up by joining our Discord for a limited time.
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