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Level 29 : Expert Miner
Status Offline Pinged: 07/18/17
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.11
Connect With
Hacks---> https://a.pomf.space/hzpccshhgrhm.exe
Starting out

  • Now when you first join the server, you should initially avoid others players as they are likely stronger than you, and will have no qualms about slaughtering you. One should focus on getting far enough away from the spawn that you will not be easily discovered, collecting wood and other resources along the way if you can. Food is very high priority this early, so don't hesitate to take a detour to kill a few pigs.
  • Once you find a nice cave or spot to dig into you should take steps to hide yourself, such as concealing your entrance or even going as far as putting your base of operations deep underground, also make sure to hide your chests VERY well as most Anarchy servers encourage thievery. At this point you should be able to gather resources in relative peace.
  • Your goal should at the moment be to craft a diamond sword and iron armor set to be able to effectively defend yourself, a bow with arrows is recommended as well. If your hunger bar is becoming a problem, it might be wise to start an underground farm. (Above ground farms will be griefed 100% of the time) If the server allows you to level up your combat abilities then I recommend training those if you can find the time to.
  • Assuming you've made it to the point where you can easily replace anything you might lose on a trip around the world, then you can go out and kill players for their items, or forge alliances and use the power of numbers to become a force to be reckoned with. It's all up to you at this point.

How to dominate

Now I'll be giving you some helpful tips that have saved my virtual blocky butt on occasion
  • Check behind you very frequently, you never know who might be trying to sneak up on you!
  • Be careful who you become enemies with, some players are more experienced, or have many friends.
  • Be suspicious of people who gain high tier gear in a short time after they join, they may be an X-Ray hacker.
  • In a fight, jump up and down and try to score as many crits as you can. Surprisingly not many players do this, and as a result you will have the edge against someone who isn't aware of this tactic.
  • Always keep your food bar close to full, you never know when you might need to make a run for it.
  • If you discover another player's base, be cautious of traps, check under their furnaces and workbenches, and investigate anything that looks out of place, you may find where they are hiding their chest.
  • It's wise to plant supply caches around the world for you do dig up, in case you find yourself low on supplies from dying or being robbed.
  • It's best to take an enemy by surprise from behind, this is considered a cheap tactic by many but it is a great way to get the drop on a target.
  • If you're being chased by someone, try to turn tight corners, get into a hiding spot, and hit the shift key. If you're lucky they may fail to notice you and pass by. This gives you the opportunity for an ambush or to quickly head in the opposite direction.
  • Try to avoid water if possible during a fight, it makes it difficult to maneuver and archers can easily pick you off in the water.
  • Never take on more than one player, it's dangerous and will in most cases result in humiliating death.
  • Another useful tool is lava and water. If you want to delay your enemies at a choke point, drop some water or lava. Water is easily dealt with, lava can be troublesome if it manages to spread.

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