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Infinity Gate PvP/SMP 1.14.4

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avatar Merkules
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Infinity Gate PvP/SMP 1.14.4
Status Online! Pinged: 08/25/19
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
Connect With
IP: Infinitygatepvp.com
width=Established 1.1 in 2012

Server IP: infinitygatepvp.com

Dynamic Web map: http://infinitygatepvp.com:8888

Forums: http://forums.infinitygatepvp.com

Come check us out and start your adventure on Infinity Gate!

We have created a new spawn with the release of 1.14.2. This means you have a brand new map to begin your adventures. Our old spawns (1.1,1.3,1.6.4 and 1.7.4) are always accessible at any time. Our promise to you is that we will not delete your hard work, as we have shown to be true over the last 6 year!

Welcome to Infinity Gate PVP!

We have set out to create one of the best PVP survival servers out there. We don't restrict you from doing what you want! Build, fight, destroy, and survive. Whatever part of Minecraft it is you're into, you can find it here!

Everyone is on level ground, VIPs do not receive perks that give them any power over other players.

Our admins are mature (20+,) fair, and honest.

You will start off by yourself, in our spawn area.

From there the world is yours to explore and conquer!

Build anywhere and protect it!

Fight anywhere outside spawn!
Join/create a clan and grow in numbers!
Take claim to your land and defend it!
Collect the heads of those you kill in PvP!
Unlike other survival servers, our world has not been ravaged and torn apart by people.
We aim to keep the server fun while keeping as much of a vanilla experience as possible!

Infinity Gate Reborn:

Spawn is one of the few safe places on the server.

Here you will find the shops to buy and sell items, as well as our VIP shops where our VIPs can sell items to players.

We have quests and easter eggs hidden around spawn for those who want to find them.

The Warp Center has warps that will take you to Spleef, TDM, and CTF warzones, 2 Wilderness portals, as well as access to the old spawns from 1.1, 1.3,1.6.4 and 1.7.4.

The Train Station has rails (We use easycarts for automated and faster minecart movement) heading N, E, S, W, for faster travel in any direction. There is much more so be sure to spend some time exploring!

Getting Started:
New players are encouraged to begin mining and keep their stashes hidden when they first begin.

You will need 9 gold ingots to craft a gold block, which will be used to protect your builds.

You start with $750 and each gold block you place will cost $500.

Once you have placed a gold block your area is protected from grief, of course, players can still enter this field and kill you, so be sure to get a structure up and block any doors in.

You can also lock your chests by placing a block on top of them in your field.

Always Use Protection:
We use precious stones to keep your hard work safe! In order to protect your land you must first go mining and collect 9 gold ingots. Create a gold block and save the $500 you start with (or sell stuff at shops) and simply place it down for an automatic 21x21x21 protection cube!


Precious Stones- This plugin allows YOU to protect your land with a gold block

Simplecarts- Rather then have warps with no context to them, we have a rail system for fast travel.

Essentials- This provides player shops, and many of the commands you will regularly use.

Worldguard/edit- We use this to protect spawn, and prevent overpowering griefs.

NoCheat/AntiXray- To ensure balance and fairness/fun.

Playerheads- Killing players in PvP has a chance to drop their head!

Citizens- Mounts, Quests (under construction), and more!

War- Creates pvp warzones with automatic rounds

Simpleclans- Create clan with a tag and set a clan home.

Lagmeter- Check the servers ping, see if it is you or the server lagging

We have a few rules:

1) PVP is allowed!

2) Absolutely NO logging out during combat (this includes traps and being chased)

3) NO cheating/glitching/exploiting whatsoever

4) Trash talk is fine, but keep it reasonably respectful

Thanks for supporting our server and Sick Kids Foundation! Thanks to you guys (and out of our pockets too) We have donated over 110$ to SickKids over the last couple months since we started this!

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