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Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
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Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.19
JOYnCRAFT - come relax with us 
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JOYN US! Your usual fun friendly server with a twist we put the joy in crafting together! Looking for a great, friendly server with experienced, motivated staff to protect you and your builds from bulllies and griefers? Look no further, you just found it! CONSTANT contests prizes rewards! No economy nerfs! We want YOU a fun friendly player who wants to belong to a community that cares! Or the casual player who needs a place to destress relaxe build or grind!

Joyn us today! And Craft right away!

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Winners and new contest : by Howk 08/01/2022 12:52:15 pmAug 1st

The winners In this case for the forest contest goes to
<@549333424800923661> and <@702131143436271717>
They are now the forest king/queens!
And get 5k claim blocks
2nd place was <@280372018887524352> wins 4000 claim blocks
3rd place <@297406128051060738> 3000 claim blocks

From now on contest participants can chose if they would like to hear a breakdown from the jury what they loved about their build and what others have done better!
When you submit your build just leave a "C&I" along with your /sethome name - or coords - to receive our input 😗

August Build Contest starts now!

Objective: "You have inherited a house, but it looks rather sad, so you gotta do a big makeover."

How to take part:
Go to /warp creative and watch out for the big yellow arrow that will guide you to the contest area. **

Check out the events channel for more detail and answers to any questions about the contest.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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