Ltcraft Survival/Build off!

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Level 3 : Apprentice Network
Ltcraft Survival/Build off!
Status Online! Pinged: 05/27/20
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
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Greetings, come join us in our community at [color=#2880b9][/color] or in game through Minecraft at
we have many community servers options available. A Survival server
which uses standard Grief Prevention commands and some essentials
commands. Traditional Ltcraft server which is a toss up of survival with
Grief Prevention and a shop where you can get items with in game money
and economy using essentials. Or explore our Creative server and build
great things in our Creative environment! We were at one point in time a
closed server whitelist only up until 2014 when we opened it up to the
public with our first Factions PVP server.. At the moment Factions PVP
is turned off for reset and had been a difficult path to building up
this server. We are seeking volunteer admin staff to keep things rolling
in the future.. We do not have a money economy system yet and at this
time since its has low player base and player usage we don't plan to add
it unless we do some thing where you can pay to have more claim block
bonus or some thing along those lines.. We are community server so if
you see some thing or find an issue please report it either to the
discord or to where we can review whatever the issue may be.

Other Game Servers we host include Counter Strike Global Offensive, Conan Exiles, Urban Terror, Insurgency Sandstorm, Insurgency, Delta Force Black Hawk Down, Farming Simulator 2017, Minecraft PC Java addtion, and 7 Days to die.

You can find an active list here:[color=#000][color=#2880b9][/color][/color]

We ask that you follow our rules:

  1. No Cheating of any kind.

  2. No Racism any kind.

  3. No Bashing of religion, age, sex, or any other individual characteristic or disability.

  4. No Bashing or Disrespecting other players.

  5. No
    Griefing in the Ltcraft servers. (If and when a faction based server is
    put up Griefing is encouraged in our Faction servers. No land is 100%
    safe in a factions environment.)

  6. Respect everyone including other players, moderators, admins, owners, etc..

  7. Some language is tolerated but if asked to stop it needs to be ended immediately..

  8. Warnings are not a requirement.

  9. Moderators admins and owners can ban anyone at anytime without a reason..

  10. Your a guest here.. Our servers use to be private only and by invite only..

  11. We encourage being friendly and helpful to others however don't get in the way of our Moderator, Admin, Owner team.

  12. Mic/Chat spam will not be tolerated.

  13. Cheat Advertising is immediate ban.. (Even if the cheat site doesn't exist..)

  14. English only! (Some don't know other languages and English is the common language used around the world.)

  15. Extreme lag.. In the event you become so laggy that your causing server issues we will ban you.

  16. No harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

  17. No Threatening behavior.

  18. Swastikas and other inappropriate crafted or buildings will not be tolerated.

  19. Advertising
    is allowed but spamming is not allowed. So Sure you can tell your
    friend about another community and invite them to that community but we
    also don't want spamming of other communities repetitively.

just have some fun! Let's keep it clean and enjoyable for everyone. At
some point we will eventually add more servers more game modes and
possibly other games to our community..

send email with evidence and location of where the issue occurred..
Along with detailed information of the users involved and screen shots
or video of location and evidence of the rules being broken. We do not
comment on how or what punishment was given..

All creative work design and construction belong to once populated in our our servers or our networks.

moderator and admins of the server are volunteer positions only this
includes but not limited to development work and artistic design..

Thank you and hope to see you soon!

Owners Main Discord Server

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