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MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support - 1.21 Survival

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Username is CaSe-SeNsiTive

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MagmaMC Dynmap : by timr2000 06/16/2024 3:06:57 pmJun 16th


Hello magma's,

We’ve added a live Dynmap of our Survival world to our website!

Our original plan was to release it for LvL10+ players only, but we faced challenges in implementing it as planned. If you do not wish to take part, please disable your location by using the following commands, which can also be found here:

New commands:

/map hide {Hide yourself from the web map}

/map show {Show yourself on the web map}

What’s Dynmap?

Dynmap is a live map of our Minecraft world that you can view in your web browser. Here’s what it offers:
  • Real-Time Updates: See the world and player movements live.
  • Detailed Map: Zoom in and out to explore different areas.
  • Player Locations: Find where your friends are.
  • Explore Playerwarps: Easily find other players their player warp.

How to Use It
  1. Go to:
  2. Start exploring the map!

Why You’ll Love It
  • Plan Projects: Easily coordinate with friends.
  • Stay Updated: See what’s happening on the server.
  • Share Builds: Show off your creations with others.

Start exploring today and see what you can discover!

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