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ProjectZ *Dayz in minecraft*

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Level 9 : Apprentice Engineer

Server Info : RID 1333436

ProjectZ *Dayz in minecraft*
Status: Offline Pinged: 11/17/13
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.3.1
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Project Zed


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Day Z & Project Zomboid Server
Server IP:
Server Owner:

Server Rules:
  • No spamming.

  • No hacking.
    o ºFirst strike = 1 Week ban.
    o ºSecond strike = 2 Week ban.
    o ºThird strike = Permanent ban.

  • No racism.

  • No full caps.

  • No asking for staff positions.

  • Respect all staff.
Current architectures:
  • Main Town

  • Main Airport

  • Cathedral/Church

  • Castle/Mansion

  • Hospital

  • Random vehicles (Cars/Tanks/Buses)

  • A volcano.

Can not craft:

  • Beds

  • Enchanting Table

  • Boats

  • Minecarts

  • Stone Hoe

  • Iron Hoe

  • Gold Hoe

  • Diamond Hoe

  • Wooden Pickaxe

  • Golden Pickaxe

  • Diamond Pickaxe

  • Wooden Shovel

  • Golden Shovel

  • Diamond Shovel
Destructible blocks:
  • Redstone - Must have sheers to cut it.

  • Pistons

  • Normal Logs/Trees - Must have an Axe to cut it.

  • Normal Wooden Planks - Must have an Axe to cut it.

  • Ladders

  • Nether Brick Fences

  • Stairs

  • Levers

  • Pressure Plates

  • Buttons

  • Grass/Dirt - Must have Shovel to dig it.

  • Bricks

  • Stone
Picture of guns:

  • Desert Eagle = Wooden Hoe

  • Skorpion = Stone Hoe

  • W1200 = Iron Hoe

  • M16 = Gold Hoe

  • Barret 50 Cal = Diamond Hoe

  • MP5 = Wooden Pickaxe

  • M014 Shotgun = Stone Pickaxe

  • MP7 = Golden Pickaxe

  • M40 Sniper = Diamond Pickaxe

  • USP455 = Wooden Shovel

  • AK-47 = Stone Shovel

  • P90 = Golden Shovel

  • RPK = Diamond Shovel

  • Flamethrower = Blaze Rod
Ammo Types:
  • Desert Eagle = Spider Eye

  • Skorpion = Melon Seeds

  • W1200 = Seeds

  • M16 = Flint

  • Barret 50 Cal = Clay Balls

  • MP5 = Ghast Tears

  • M014 Shotgun = Bricks(x1)

  • MP7 = Eye of Ender

  • M40 Sniper = Gold Nuggets

  • USP455 = Bottle of Enchanting

  • AK-47 = Slime Balls

  • P90 = Pumpkin Seeds

  • RPK = Fire Charge

  • Flame Thrower = 2xCoal
Interesting Items/Commands:
  • Treasure Chests:
    Most of the chests in the server/world are treasure chests. Random items will be spawned inside of these chests that will help you on your adventure. Treasure chests respawn/refill every 10-30 minutes, depending on the loot.

  • Grappling Hooks:
    To use grappling hooks, right click with an arrow in the direction you want to go, then right click with string, and you will be teleported to the location where your arrow landed. A glass block will be created underneath you, and will stay there for 10 seconds before it disappears.

  • Virtual Chests:
    Virtual Chests allow you to store items, and on death, you will not lose the items inside your virtual chests. To use your Virtual Chests, type "/v c" without the quotes.You can buy more Virtual Chests using the money you get from killing players, and zombies. Type "/v c buy 1" without the quotes, to buy another chest.

  • Backpack:
    There is now a backpack system that allows you to hold more than just your normal inventory. Type /backpack to use it. You start out with 9 slots, and can later be upgraded to more.
    To upgrade type /backpack upgrade.
    Note: Items in /backpack are lost upon death!

  • Guns:
    Most tools/weapons are guns now. You can not craft guns, you must find them inside of treasure chests.

  • Barb Wire:
    Spider webs make up barb wire, and if you touch it, it'll hurt you. Only way to get rid of barb wire is to cut it with wire cutters, (Sheers).

  • Bandages:
    Bandages can be used to heal your allies, it will heal your ally 5 hearts. Bandages are paper. Must Sneak, and right click on ally to heal them.

  • Zombie Bites:
    Zombies have a 10% chance to bite you, Zombie bites slow, weaken you, make you hungry, blind you, and poison you. The only way to get rid of the effects of a Zombie bite, is to drink milk.

  • Fractures:
    If you fall from high spots, you will have certain effects on you. The further the fall, the worse the effects.
    o ºStep 1 - Mild concussion: confusion effect.
    o ºStep 2 - Severe concussion: confusion- and slow effect.
    o ºStep 3 - Traumatic concussion: blindness-, confusion- and slow effect

  • Vehicles:
    Minecarts are now cars, and boats are helicopters.

  • Milk:
    To obtain milk, you have to use an empty bucket on a cow.
    Note: Must be standing behind the cow, to receive milk.

  • Factions:
    Factions have been added to the server to allow players to make a faction, and have a faction home for members to teleport to, and have a base. Claiming land has been disabled, but you can still /f sethome.

  • Redstone Currents:
    Redstone currents now have a 10% chance to damage you. Redstone currents do 4 hearts of damage.

Crafting recipes:
Stone Sword
Posted Image

Iron Sword
Posted Image

Gold Sword
Posted Image

Diamond Sword
Posted Image


  • Delsolsi213
  • Blockyballboa

  • Lunation

  • Skilledthis

  • Killergee100
  • CinnamonMC

  • Looking for some!


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Additional Notes

Dayz in minecraft pure and simple. Guns swords zombies awesome PVP everything you need minus the hackers abusive mods ect. Just join and play, loot awesome gear and weapons and kill everyone.

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btw it says end of stream
  • jcf68
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • September 9, 2012, 12:02 pm
Ya its the same with me i hope they can fix that i mean last night i could play it i think it is because the server is down.

hey uhhh its not letting me in. could you guys look into that?
i would like to whitelist to the server.
my ingame name is myrobloxaccount
ive played minecraft for a year now
i would like to join the fun in the game. the old server was great! hope this one is to
  • kiashi385
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • August 29, 2012, 9:43 am
how do you become trial mod?

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