RPS Gaming Community 1.13.1 Semi-Vanilla Survival Server

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Level 9 : Apprentice Network
RPS Gaming Community 1.13.1 Semi-Vanilla Survival Server
Status Online! Pinged: 10/24/20
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java 20w12a
The WDZ Minecraft Server - Currently Whitelist Only
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Welcome to the
RPS Gaming
Minecraft Server

Many top Minecraft servers nowadays are focused on quick mini-games rather than the classic survival experience. Our server intends to bring back the long needed original Minecraft gameplay.

We are a semi-vanilla survival server that looks for players willing to play Minecraft as it should be played. While our server is mostly vanilla, it does have some plugins meant to prevent griefing and to bring an economy system into the game for more fun.

Here is a list of what our server has to offer:

Towny Possibly the biggest plugin we currently have, Towny is a plugin used to allow you to claim land to protect your home from griefers. Towny also allows you to form communities and nations with other players. Towns are customizable, which all can be done with the /town command. Each town does require money to keep alive, which can be earned through the economy system.

Economy/Shop Towny and the Shop run on our economy system. You can make money off the valuable items you sell to the server's Shop, which can be accessed through the /shop command. The Shop can also be used to purchase certain items with the money made in the server.

LWC The LWC plugin allows you to lock chests and doors. Each player can only lock ten chests or doors, so use it wisely. You can view the commands with /lwc in the server.

Events The staff of the server will occasionally host events, from small things like parkour races in Spawn to bigger Ultra Hardcore PvP tournaments. There are small mini-games at Spawn such as hidden parkour or mazes, but you'll have to find them first.


You will start at the Spawn House at Spawntown. This building houses all the rules and information you will need to become familiar with the server. Outside are many other buildings each with its own purpose.

Donor Tower This building houses every player that has donated to the server.

Bank This is where the information on the shop and the economy can be read in-game. You can also safely trade with players and access ender chests here.

Portal Room Any server warps and custom warps are located here. Custom warps can be purchased with in-game currency, so players can fast travel to their homes from Spawn.

The Pier Any mini-games set up by the server can be accessed here. There's also a roller coaster.

Domejo Just a small arena for players to fight each other within Spawn.

Coastal Spawn Aquarium An area to learn and watch the new fish and other mobs added with the latest Minecraft update.

Regen Zone

The Spawntown is located at the center of the world, right at 0 0 (coordinates). The area outside Spawn that stretches from 512, 512 to -512, -512 is known as the Regen Zone. The land here is mineable but there is no PvP and the place regenerates every day. This means any bases built by players in the Regen Zone will be erased the next day. Be sure to mine any necessary resources here without interruption by other players and move out to start a base or even a town.
In case you were wondering, there are no diamonds in the Regen Zone, so yeah.

The Four Exits

You can easily fast travel past Spawn and the Regen Zone using the four exits located at the ends of Spawn. These exits are the North Exit, East Exit, South Exit, and West Exit. Naturally, they can be found in those directions from the center of Spawn. Each exit is denoted by a banner with the letter corresponding to each direction.


1) No hacking is allowed on the server whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, X-ray, fly hacks, etc.
2) No griefing is allowed on the server. However, players are allowed to loot any valuable blocks that can be sold to the Shop, such as iron blocks or the like. Players can also break beds, crops, and any blocks needed to enter a building.
3) Do not spam the chat.
4) Do not build anything vulgar or offensive. Be civilized.
5) Listen to whatever a member of the server staff says.
6) Do not wipe out cows owned by another player.
7) Do not abuse glitches or exploits.
8) No harassing players such as spawn killing or camping out exits.
9) Be good and have fun.
10) Read and follow the rest of the rules in the Spawn House.

IP: mc.rpsgaming.net

We hope you enjoy the RPS Gaming Minecraft server!


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Update #1 : 09/27/2018 1:34:52 amSep 27th, 2018

09/06/2018 11:56 am
Level 1 : New Miner
This server is run by the community, so be sure to join our discord at https://discord.gg/pcf4yHK

Also, keep in mind this is semi-vanilla, so players will have to use beds as spawn points and the Nether for fast travel.
08/22/2018 4:00 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
We are planning to have an Ultra Hardcore tournament in the future. PvP with no natural regeneration.
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