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ParadiseCraft|Factions|Fun Mini-Games|NO LAG|24/7

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Server Info : RID 1164459

ParadiseCraft|Factions|Fun Mini-Games|NO LAG|24/7
Status: Offline Pinged: 08/04/16
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.3.1
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ParadiseCraft|Factions|Fun Mini-Games|NO LAG|24/7

Now with mcmmo



Hope you have fun out there!

ParadiseCraft is a server that has been started up by zKaoTiiKZ. The server has been running for over 3 days, and has just signed up for additional 6 months! Our server has many funny aspects! We often do events with rewards! And a whole unique PvP faction system! Our staff is also very mature and will assist you with everything that is possible! But remember our staff only has access to /Kick /Ban And /Mute commands, so they are just regular players like you! With a responsibility to help the server! our staff is there to help you and make your time here more fun. If you have any suggestions tell a mod to relay it to me.We always accept suggestions! Our server also doesn't TNT, Lava and fire, and all that griefing stuff If you wish to apply for Moderator you have to be a member for over 30 days then you can apply.


Rules :

1. Do NOT whine if you get griefed.
2. Do NOT ask for creative or ranks.
3. Do NOT annoy Admins or mods.
4. Do NOT ask staff for items.
5. If you find a bug/glitch please tell us!
6. Do have fun SEXY ;)


Factions information :

Factions is a cool plugin where you can join a faction or start your own! Build a faction base and rule!

Look at for your leaders in the chat!
**-Means owner/leader | *-Means moderator!
Type /f chat for ally chat which is pink then /f chat again for faction only chat which is green!
Who will you trust and accept and who won't you? Trust your pals to have your back and watch your stuff! You can claim land so enemies can't destroy it but block all entrances or they can come in! Make sure to build with your pals and fight battles together!

Additional Notes

*NO WHITELIST!* IP: Hope you have fun out there!

Update #1 : 07/23/2012 4:28:47 pm7/23/12

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Diamond to you!

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