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Sexy Minecraft Server
Status: Offline Pinged: 11/16/13
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.2.5
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Hi guys!
I am one of the admins out of the three. As you prob know from my profile ma username is distortedpixel. The other two admins are bluegoo and choo_choo22(alt accounts)!
Good things and Working Stuff:
A shop with working economy!
Perms are working
Seperate Creative World
Soon-to-come active hunger games and zombie apocolypse world!
Shrine Hunts (Hosted by me)
We catch hackers and we do have a full console working
Elevator Plugin! (ask admins how to use)
Movecraft Plugin (But shit so :P)

Bad Things:
Choo_choo22 is kinda... semi semi good admin. (you guys know what i mean)
Bad critics on our server because in the beginning we messed up A LOT, but now its much better.

Additional Notes

A really awesome server! PvP, numerous worlds, soon to be active hunger games, zombie apocolypse server. Hosted By Hostedgameservers!

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OP colethegamer are he well sheaw you
And Shut Down The Server
it went down
The server is back up! There was some technical difficulties, but theyre fixed now!
When you first login, please type /setpassword (Your Password)
Afterwards, everytime u log in again, type /login (Your Password)
Can i be an admin for the guy thts shit?
Maybe. You will have to prove yourself!
Build cool things and maybe!

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