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[ ShadeCrest - Survival, Creative]

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Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner

Server Info : RID 82783

[ ShadeCrest  - Survival, Creative]
Status: Online! Pinged: 11/18/17
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.12.2
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ShadeCrest: Survival

McMMO! Towny! Quests!
Look no further for the best survival Minecraft server, which has been running since Feburary 2011!

We gave McMMO a custom curve to keep leveling fun, making it easier initially and harder as you go.

Towny's upkeep is based on the number of residents, and having more residents allows you more plots! Town members get a bonus 10% to all McMMO skills!

Quests are a new way to make money, giving players gold for completing challenges. All gold can be traded for rupees at /warp cash4gold. We're slowly adding more quests to the mix, so stay tuned!

Our main world is split into pvp and pve, so you can choose either epic battles or a more relaxed environment.

ShadeCrest: Creative

A multiworld server which promotes cooperative, creative building with anemphasis on quality building skill. Over time as you continue to prove your building skills, you can be granted higher ranks which give you access to worlds and tools like WorldEdit and VoxelSniper.

Summary of Rules:

  • Don't be a jerk
  • Keep chat rated 'T' for teen
  • Don't grief or exploit
  • Don't lag up the server
  • Don't advertise
  • Try to have fun!

Interested in Joining?

1. Connect to mc.shadecrest.com
2. Walk into the portal for survival, creative, or vanilla (or use /<server>)
3. Complete the new player tutorial
4. Find a place to build!

Optionally, take the time to make an account on our website (matching your in game name) and introduce yourself. Our server resources and teamspeak are both great ways of finding an interesting place to live and getting familiar with ShadeCrest.

Note: Showing last 25 of 54 logs.

Update #54 : 09/21/2017 1:40:58 pm9/21/17

Now using 1.12.2, backwards compatible with 1.12.x but we recommend using the latest version

Update #53 : 08/03/2017 4:42:05 pm8/03/17

Updated to 1.12.1! 1.12 clients can still connect, but the crafting book will not work

Update #52 : 06/10/2017 6:45:41 pm6/10/17

We've updated survival to 1.12!

Update #51 : 05/20/2017 3:48:04 pm5/20/17


  • Survival - Towny upkeep changes

  • Survival - QuestWorld update!

  • Survival - Villager trade tweaks

  • Survival - TownyTweaks permission update!

  • Survival - Fools gold

  • Survival - Modified /wild

  • Survival - /warp for towns

  • Web - Update player stats page w/ warps and economy

  • Web - Updated server resource ips

  • Web - Upgraded Wiki to 1.28.2

  • Web - New player stat page!

Survival - Towny upkeep changes
Instead of charging per town rank , towns will be charged based on claimed plots. This is a more fair way of doing pricing, and doesn't punish towns for adding new members.

- Town upkeep per plot will be 50r
- Towns will be able to claim 4 plots per player in town
- Maximum bonus plots will be reduced to 40
- Outposts will be disabled

Survival - QuestWorld update!
QuestWorld has been changed to add Repeating quests
These refresh immediately after completion, and this is the new setting for all Trade quests!
There's also been a number of bug fixes that shouldn't affect you, but make our lives easier as staff.

Survival - Villager trade tweaks
Villager trading has been tweaked to reflect the proposal here: http://www.shadecrest.com/site/threads/7385/

Survival - TownyTweaks permission update!
TownyTweaks, our lovely homebrew towny hacking plugin, now assigns permissions to players based on their town rank.
What does this mean? In the future, we'll be able to create perks for being part of a large town, which will further incentivize maintaining good towns!

Survival - Fools gold
Mesa gold is incredibly common. Economy breaking-ly common. Now all of the "extra" gold generated in mesas will drop "Fools Gold", which is a renamed iron nugget .

If you don't like this change, don't fear! We'll be removing that extra gold generation in the future and you'll never have to deal with this again :D

Survival - Modified /wild
The /wild command has been very helpful in getting players into new areas. Sadly, it destroyed the need to explore . The cooldown was meant to help, but the fundamental problem is still there.

So what did we do? The command can only reach half of the terrain in any given world. The outer edges cannot be reached without exploration, which we think is a good compromise.

Survival - /warp for towns
Small tweak after seeing a number of failed attempts to /warp townname. Now /warp townname actually works, assuming there are no warps that share the towns name .

Web - Updated player stats page w/ warps and economy
Our stats page (both the old and new version) are once again able to pull data from our economy and warp plugins!

Web - Updated server resource ips
The server resource pages now have the correct server ips. Yay!

Web - Upgraded Wiki to 1.28.2
The wiki was upgraded. It was a pain, but now it should work for the next 6 years -_-

Web - New player stat page!
Tentative url: https://mc.shadecrest.com/StatsPage/

Update #50 : 01/05/2017 7:43:46 pm1/05/17

We are running 1.11.2

Update #49 : 12/02/2016 1:02:33 pm12/02/16

We're now fully on 1.11!

Update #48 : 11/22/2016 12:34:41 pm11/22/16

There's a brand new shop building at /warp mall! It's a type of admin shop, but the prices aren't fixed, they fluctuate based on sales.

Update #47 : 11/15/2016 4:36:06 pm11/15/16

We've added some support for connecting 1.11 clients, but there are still bugs! Until the full update, we recommend using 1.10

Update #46 : 09/01/2016 1:35:16 am9/01/16

August 2016
#1 Voter with 155 votes: ezeiger92
#2 Voter with 93 votes: King_Videot
#3 Voter with 92 votes: WCTech

150 Votes Club (4,000r)

105 Votes Club (2,500r)

70 Votes Club (1,500r)
King_Videot(93), WCTech(92), Joe_Lorodeth(85), Faelisa(75), Legend9468(70)

With 2 and a half hours left in the month, we cleared the 1k vote mark to reach 1,014 votes! Thank you to everyone who worked to reach this!
As I've said, we were going to finish this month before complying with Mojang's view of votes as hard currency. Trophies should be distributed by a fancy new automatic process in 10 hours or so, along with the lobby podiums. All prize money has been distributed.

So is this the end of voting?
No, of course not!
This marks the end of our old reward system, and the beginning of a brand new one! We've only had a few days of preparation, so things will be rough around the edges for a while, but here we go.

Vote goals
Our new reward system is "vote goals", or milestones for the entire server. Once we've collected the required number of votes, we run a reward command to set up benefits for the entire server!
Goals may have a cool-down period to prevent them from running too frequently.

Q & A
What will happen to our current voting sites?
We are keeping all of our current voting sites. The voting process will be exactly the same as it was before: You enter your name, complete the captcha, and click for each site.

Wait, so you aren't rewarding voting?
Vote goals reward the server as a whole for each individuals votes.

What "vote goals" do we have?
As of writing this post, 1,000 votes will reset all resource worlds to a brand new seed!
There are also plans of something like a "double xp weekend" for mcMMO experience, but those are not implemented.

That's all? That's garbage!
As we said, rough around the edges and we are still working on it. If you have ideas, post them in the discussion thread!

What about the top voter trophies?
We will continue to hand those out. Technically they are worth 5 rupees (gold nugget), but you have to craft them before selling and they have more value as a cosmetic item.
By comparison, the lowest tier quest gives you 36 times as much gold, and you can complete those once a day.

Update #45 : 08/11/2016 3:28:29 pm8/11/16

Once again, we're trying to bring back the weekly update threads. Unfortunately, it's been so long that we need to get a few things out of the way before we're up to speed. Consider this "Forgotten Updates"

  • General - Minecraft 1.10.2

  • Survival - Casino

  • Survival - Tutorial tweaks

  • Survival - Dynmap ranged players

  • Survival - Satchel tweaks

  • Survival - LWC + Towny

General - Minecraft 1.10.2
This is old news now, but it hasn't been in an update post. All Minecraft servers are up to date with the latest patch!

Survival - Casino
Brand new to our map: /warp Casino!

We have 6 shiny new slot machines for players to test their luck. Right click the comparator to roll. If all 3 slots match up, you get a payout!

Cost per roll: Only 10r!

- Iron: 35r
- Gold: 100r
- Emerald: 300r!
- Diamond: 1,000r!
- Jackpot: 10,000r!!

Survival - Tutorial tweaks
Commands that teleport players are blocked with the message "You cannot teleport there while taking the tutorial. If you wish to cancel the tutorial, type /tutorial cancel"

Survival - Dynmap ranged players
Dynmap used to show all players, all the time, which resulted in pvp stress and constant raids. We changed it to only show town and nation members, but now the map feels empty.

The solution: player ranges! All players within a short radius of you will be visible if dynmap can see then.

Survival - Satchel tweaks
First thing's first: Satchels are officially fixed! There is no more chance of inventories reverting.

Now the tweak: When you have a satchel open in your inventory, it now glows to indicate that it's open. This is incredibly useful when you are managing multiple satchels.

Satchels are better than ever, make one for yourself and try it out!

Recipes in the bottom floor of /warp Museum.

Survival - LWC + Towny
LWC has been updated to allow for nation locks! Just use /cmodify n:Nation to allow all members of a nation access!

Also, notifications for adding towns to chests have been fixed, and using /cmodify @t:town or @n:nation will give all players in the group full chest rights

Minecraft 1.10 : 06/15/2016 12:07:25 am6/15/16

It's happening. It happened. Did you miss it? 1.9.4? RIP sweet prince.

Update #43 : 05/12/2016 3:10:28 pm5/12/16

We've updated to Minecraft 1.9.4!

Update #42 : 05/10/2016 2:45:42 pm5/10/16

  • General - Wiki Cleanup
  • General - Xrayers
  • Survival - Dungeon tweaks
  • Survival - Guest Permission Changes
  • Survival - Mcmmo Ranks
  • Survival - Mcmmo Tweaks
  • Survival - Quest Tweaks
  • Survival - Satchels
  • Survival - Staff Update
  • Survival - Town Chat
  • Survival - Wilderness Command

General - Wiki Cleanup
There are many changes going on in the wiki right now to make our lives easier, and they're pretty cool!

And the most impressive thing: A weekly update generator! No, seriously, it reads through Trello and does all the hand work for us!

General - Xrayers
We've been dealing with an influx of xrayers lately, and we'd like to remind everyone that xraying is against the rules and will result in a ban.
That is all.

Survival - Dungeon tweaks
The Sewers and Monument dungeons have new spawning algorithms that should produce a more consistent difficulty, rather than ranging from "stupid easy" to "kill-me-now hard".
These spawn rates are not final, but they are much easier for us to work with.

Survival - Guest Permission Changes
If you haven't already noticed, guests are able to build in the main world. This is not a bug, but a test to see how the server is affected. Guests are still heavily encouraged to take the tutorial, and have some features blocked until they do (creating a town, buying warps)

Other rank changes:
New players (yellow) are allowed to create a town and buy warps
Members (green) can create nations and use /c

Survival - Mcmmo Ranks
Reaching a high mcmmo level is something to be proud of, and now it's something you can show off! When you reach a high enough power level, you will automatically get a tag in front of your name for the server to see.

There are 5 ranks (1 - 5) that can be achieved with 2600 power level per rank.
Rank 1: 2600
Rank 2: 5200
Rank 5: 13000

Survival - Mcmmo Tweaks
Brand new to mcmmo: repair shields and elytra on an iron anvil!
The elytra can be repaired with 4 leather, and the shield can be repaired with 1 iron ingot.

The damage boost done by unarmed has been nerfed so that it's NOT 20 times better than swords near max level.

The mining xp from end stone has been severely cut, and is now worth the same as packed ice and stained clay

Survival - Quest Tweaks
Look at all the new gold quests! Well sort of, they are placeholders right now, but we'll be working on them very soon!

The trading quests have also been tweaked to be less annoying for the sake of being annoying.

Finally, the long standing "hey, where'd most of that gold go" bug has been patched. Quests shouldn't rip you off again :)

Survival - Satchels
Want more inventory space? Look no further! Satchels offer portable inventories that you can open on the fly to expand your storage needs.
Either right-click with a satchel in your hand, or (with your inventory open) right click on the satchel itself to open. All items are stored in the satchel, so you can throw it to other players or store it in a chest!

You can have as many satchels as you want.
If you have a satchel open, you can't move it around your inventory.
Satchels don't fit inside other satchels.

See the crafting recipes on the bottom floor of /warp museum!

Survival - Staff Update
Staff has changed a lot since the last time one of these was posted, so we'll just list the current staff.
Admin: ezeiger92, King_Videot
Mod: Hydrarem, lachie314159265, Legogood

If you like helping people and want to have a shot at staff, read the new staff application post here: www.shadecrest.com/site/threads/7256/

Survival - Town Chat
The long wait for town chat is finally over! Use /tc or /nc to toggle town/nation chat.
You can also use /tc [message] to send a message to your town without switching chat modes.

Survival - Wilderness Command
This is old news, but the last "Week in ShadeCrest" was months ago.
Players can use /wild to get a random location in pvp (/wild pvp) or pve (/wild pve)
If you are trying to travel with a friend and they've randomly teleported away, simply use /wild [playername] to request a teleport. This only works for a short time, so be quick if you want to group up.

Update #41 : 03/06/2016 2:58:05 pm3/06/16

Updated creative to 1.9!

Update #40 : 03/05/2016 2:10:00 pm3/05/16

Tipped arrow crafting work
The ender dragon actually respawns
Our boosted mob health has been slightly lowered
Quest cooldowns and tasks have been rebalanced

Update #39 : 03/03/2016 5:57:46 pm3/03/16

Dynmap is online again and quests have been fixed!

1.9 Update : 03/01/2016 9:08:03 pm3/01/16

The survival server is now running 1.9! Some things are still buggy, but they will be worked out over the next week or so.

Update #37 : 11/27/2015 10:10:08 pm11/27/15

We've finally updated the OP to reflect recent server tweaks, woooo!

Update #36 : 11/21/2015 6:28:34 pm11/21/15

Just to let all of you guys know, we just reset our survival world! So join the fun and start fresh on the new Shadecrest Survival :D

Update #35 : 07/29/2015 11:34:57 pm7/29/15

Hey guys, I hope all of you are looking forward to our new revival of Shadecrest: Creative. We've been thinking about doing this for a long time now and are finally getting around to things! See you on the server!

Update #34 : 05/29/2015 7:42:00 pm5/29/15

This Week in ShadeCrest! - May 29, 2015


Survival - ezeiger92 promoted to Lead Admin of Survival
Survival - Looking for Staff / Staff Requirements
Space Engineers - DirectX 11
General - Advertising / Marketing

Survival - ezeiger92 promoted to Lead Admin of Survival
This change has been long coming, but I delayed pulling the trigger on this out of respect to NDV's seniority in the role. This change is mostly symbolic and doesn't really change much other than recognizing officially all the hard work Erik has been putting into the survival server. It also kinda enables Erik more to make some key decisions faster and move the server forward faster. Of course this means Erik will have to communicate his vision for the server more (*wink*) and keep people informed of all the changes he'd got brewing up in his head.

Survival - Looking for Staff / Staff Requirements
We've slowly been thinning out the staff list based on who has and has not been very active. We want our staff ranks to be filled with people who are passionate about the server, the game they are admins for, and in general are contributing to the level that their title requires them to be. Also, you may have noticed over the last year and a half since I took over lead of the community, we've had older and more mature staff. I plan to continue that trend. Our average age is now 23 among all staff. I want to keep as a *general* rule 16 for Mods, 18 for admins, and 21 for admins with console / db / file access. Again this is a general rule, but just wanted to convey that to everyone. If you are interested in joining our staff, you can post and application in our requests forum. Other than age (and obvious maturity), you need to be active on the server you are intending on being staff, know the rules of that server very well, work / play well with others, and intend on actually committing a lot of time to being staff (it's not just a cool kids club, it's work).

Space Engineers - DirectX 11
This week's weekly update included an update to DirectX 11. This has added a lot of beauty to the game, but unfortunately a lot of mods need to be updated to meet the new DX11 requirements. If there are some mods which never get updated, we might need to replace them with new versions of the mod or get rid of them entirely. If there specific mods you notice have issues, please let me know on the forums. I'll periodically re-patch all the mods.

General - Advertising / Marketing
As a humble reminder, please whenever possible bump these threads. This is as important in the case of MC Forums MORE IMPORTANT than voting. Seriously! Please post in the MC Forums threads. Don't just say "bump", just post random stuff about what you are doing and how you like the server. Takes less time than voting. Screenshots are fun too.http://shadecrest.com/site/threads/6088/

Update #33 : 04/25/2015 2:37:05 pm4/25/15

This Week in ShadeCrest! - April 25, 2015

You can see all our weekly updates at www.shadecrest.com

  • Survival - Open/close observatory cover with day/night cycles
  • Survival - Beautify PvE and PvP Spawns
  • Creative - Permissions fixes / udpates
  • Website - Fixed the Wiki!
  • Website - Update banner on voting sites to reflect when the community was founded
  • General - Trello, Priorities, and Weekly updates

Survival - Open/close observatory cover with day/night cycles
One of personal goals of ezeiger92 since we implemented the new Survival spawn island was to make the observatory which you spawn at open and close with the day and night cycles of the Minecraft day. Well in the last week, we finally got around to it and you can see it opening and closing. It's a nice little bit of polish for our survival spawn and something that Erik thought was fun to do in the middle of fixing UUID related problems.

Survival - Beautify PvE and PvP Spawns
Mega_Spud added some awesome looking artwork to the PvP and PvE spawns, making heavy use of armor stands. ndvenckus1 made the wall around PvE spawn look a bit prettier.

Creative - Permissions fixes / udpates
Navarog finished fixing the permissions for Creative so Creative works now properly for new players. ezeiger92 has been working with him as well to fix the Creative starting quiz / tutorial as well, but I don't believe that is complete. This update is subject to change as I haven't gotten an official update on a few things from Nava on Trello ;-). Anyhow good changes for Creative, thinks are getting better over there for the community to grow again.

Website - Fixed the Wiki!
Ever since we moved our hosts to deal with the DDOS attacks, our wiki has been down. Well, finally after much effort, dns reconfiguration, apache configuration, etc... we have the wiki back online. Keep your eyes out for further updates. We plan to add more content, guides, and in general make it better for new players.

Website - Update banner on voting sites to reflect when the community was founded
To improve our advertising of the server and show how established ShadeCrest is as a community, ndvenckus1 updated the banner on our voting sites to clearly show when the community was founded. This should distinguish us from other fly by night Minecraft servers and hopefully attract more mature players looking for a long time home to play Minecraft and other sandbox games.

Website - Trello, Priorities, and Weekly updates
We're now using Trello (https://trello.com/shadecrest) more and more as staff which means more coordination, more regular updates again, and easier to communicate clearly to you guys what gets done every week in these weekly updates. So expect regular updates to roll in again and as always if you have ideas on what could make the server better, let us know. Heck, if the community thinks it's a good idea, we could even get ideas up on the trello board and I *think* members could even vote on items they think need to be prioritized (this might need some configuration).

Update #32 : 04/04/2015 2:58:20 pm4/04/15

This Week(s) in ShadeCrest! - April 3, 2015

General - Trello!
Survival - Changes to the guest experience
Survival - Dynmap changes
Survival - Teleportation features
Survival - Map expansion
Survival (VIP) - Banners for /hat
Survival (VIP) - Hide announcements
FTB - It's alive!
Vanilla - Now accurate

General - Trello!
Our old method of tracking tasks was a google spreadsheet, and it was awful. Tasks were static, manipulating data was a pain, and there just wasn't enough flexibility to be useful. We decided to switch to Trello, a task tracking and organization service that gives us much more power to make tasks and collaborate! Want to see what we're working on? Come check it out!

Survival - Changes to the guest experience
Ever since we removed the quiz, the guest experience has been inconsistent. We had an awesome tutorial, but we spammed "take the tutorial" messages while guests were taking the tutorial, guests spawned in looking at signs ("/warp pve") that they could not use, and there was no easy way to manually finish the tutorial for players in case of server problems. Here's how we fixed that:

  • Announcements automatically hide for players taking the tutorial. They are restored after the player finishes a section.
  • There is a new spawn for guests (/warp Starter atm) that lists basic features of the server, as well as our worlds.
  • The code for promoting players on tutorial completion has been rewritten with additional features for admin use.
  • The tutorial announces when players have finished and have been promoted.
  • Added a "/from" command for new players, which lets us know where they found our server.
  • The default gamemode in spawn is now adventure, but every rank yellow+ can bypass that gamemode (So only guests are given adventure mode in only the spawn world).
These changes will hopefully make our server more accessible to new players.

Survival - Teleportation features
TPA was added to the server (as you might have noticed), and it has been quite popular! It is currently being rewritten, but in the mean time it has been patched to be consistently case-insensitive. This should fix most issues users have been dealing with.
Also, we now have a random warp! Use /warp Portals and walk down one of the four paths to end up in PvP, PvE, Mining, or Ender. It's an awesome way to find fresh terrain!

Survival - Map expansion
We started using vanilla borders a few weeks ago so there would be a visible wall on the edge of the map. Previously, our map was a large circle, but only square borders are supported by vanilla, so we decided to keep the difference between the two. This means that there are large sections of PvP and PvE that are completely unexplored! This is mainly a feature for new players in conjunction with /warp Portals, but existing players can use these areas too.

Survival (VIP) - Banners for /hat
As announced in this VIP thread, /hat now supports banners! It took a bit of extension coding for CommandHelper, but the feature is finally here! Given the current state of the wiki (broken), we've created a thread to explain this feature and all other VIP perks, which you can view here.

Survival (VIP) - Hide announcements
This feature was mentioned in-game to a few players, but lacked an official post (aside from being included in the VIP perk thread). VIP2+ can hide the server announcements for their current session! It's a minor feature, but is a nice thing to have when you have seen the same messages hundreds of times! They can be shown again, if you choose, by /anno show.
Usage: /anno <hide|show> [message group]

FTB - It's alive!
Thanks to imaxorz, ftb.shadecrest.com points to our FTB server again! As such, we have reset the server to a brand new modpack that requires no extra setup to use! Open your launchers, select "Infinity" (version 1.3.4), and connect to the server ip! This change is reflected in the FTB server information.

Vanilla - Now accurate
99% vanilla extract! Groups, regions, chest locks, and chat channels are gone, and the server has been reverted to its roots. It will remain as close to vanilla Minecraft as possible, only adding minor patches to bugs (if any patches at all). Connecting to the server is as easy as typing /vanilla.

Update #31 : 12/24/2014 9:53:00 pm12/24/14

1.8 creative

Update #30 : 12/21/2014 9:51:14 am12/21/14

Full 1.8 for survival, creative will update very soon

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Your posting as 1.10, I attempted to join using 1.10 but was kicked trying to join because your server is 1.11. please change your post. ty
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • January 5, 2017, 2:42 pm
Ah sorry, failed to update a few posts. We are running 1.11.2, I'll fix the info right now.

Thanks mate ^^
By far the best server I have ever played on. Everyone is so friendly and helpful!
  • epic_poke8
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • October 11, 2016, 3:51 pm
Spawn starting to receive some renovations. C'mon and visit sometime!
  • Cashkid32
  • Level 44
  • Master Blockhead
  • August 23, 2016, 12:47 pm
This is a great server. Give it a shot! I'm sure you'll love it!
We are on 10.1!!! Polar Bears and more wooohoooo
  • legogood
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • June 9, 2016, 12:46 pm
Tons of new builds popping up on creative all while on survival new towns opening up...WOOO!
  • legogood
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • June 6, 2016, 6:24 pm
You guys should check out this server. Really fun staff, nice people, and new people always join~
  • Chandler108
  • Level 44
  • Master Architect
  • June 2, 2016, 7:32 pm
This is a good server
  • legogood
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • May 31, 2016, 5:47 pm
Great server and super cool people! You guys should check it out! (Bump)
  • lordtan
  • Level 1
  • New Network
  • May 14, 2016, 3:41 pm
Great server but not a lot of players, maybe try mctoplist.ml or minecraft-server-list :)!!!
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • May 14, 2016, 9:26 pm
Thanks! We do have an entry on minecraft-server-list and a few other voting sites (shadecrest.com/vote), but we'll take a look at mctoplist too :)
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • May 12, 2016, 11:11 am
We've updated to 1.9.4, please use that client to connect! (Older versions will not work)
A Minecraft community, Very well maintained and tested would highly recommend to anyone looking for a server to settle on and play for a long time. Has survival, creative, and FTB! Great staff with tons of experience in keeping game play competitive and enjoyable. I have personally been playing for 5 years now and have enjoyed every moment of it. Comeon give em a try!
Just came back to the server after a couple of months of inactivity to the workload at highschool, and immediately remembered why I loved (and still love) the server so much. Great people, great fun, great all round <3
  • Dropbear_
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • April 25, 2016, 3:20 pm
Been playing for 3 years now, watched many people come and go before me. Would recommend trudging through the first two ranks, because once you meet the people there, it's hard to leave.
  • legogood
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • April 23, 2016, 1:38 pm
Possibly my favorite server on here. I've been playing since 2011 on the survival end of it.
Quite the amazing experience and pretty fun staff~

You guys should check it out if you're looking for a vanilla+ server with non game breaking plugins.
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • March 5, 2016, 9:08 am
Bump for glory! 1.9 is doing much better now
  • Tipped arrow crafting works
  • The ender dragon actually respawns
  • Our boosted mob health has been slightly lowered

Join us at mc.shadecrest.com
  • DonnaCR
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • March 4, 2016, 5:57 pm
Shadecrest is one of my favorite servers for creative. It has such incredible builds! Hope to see you guys there!
1.9.... PVP HAS CHANGED FOREVER! Time to pick a fight that I will never win because I'm bad at pvp!
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • March 1, 2016, 4:08 pm
Updated survival to 1.9!
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • February 28, 2016, 12:01 pm
The survival tutorial is now optional!
(though still highly recommended)

Gray (guest) players
Build in our main worlds, join a town, complete quests!
This the initial server rank

Yellow (new) players
Create towns and mcMMO parties, use CraftBook mechanics, and purchase warps!
This rank is achieved by completing the /tutorial

Green (member) players
Create nations, access /craft, and purchase marketplace plots!
Players who are online for a total of 24 hours earn this rank.
  • epic_poke8
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • February 2, 2016, 11:29 pm
Unfotunamente, I have been unable to play as much as I like this past few days. But next week, I have big plans that rhyme with A smuge shmiggin shmy shmastle
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • January 17, 2016, 1:31 pm
Added BetterBanners as a VIP perk!
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • January 16, 2016, 1:25 pm
The mining world and mining nether have been reset!
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • January 2, 2016, 2:41 pm
The End is now enabled!
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • December 31, 2015, 4:53 pm
Survival mini-update:

New tablist plugin!
The tablist now has a header and footer with rotating messages!
As an added bonus, long usernames will no longer be truncated.

Vote page updated!
The counters on shadecrest.com/vote now accurately reflect votes again.

Spawn updates!
The spawn is getting a nice cleanup, making it much more friendly.
New players now spawn at the server spawn, rather then in a guest spawn area.

Come join our server! mc.shadecrest.com
A new nation has been made, Cucumis! Come check it out!
10/10 Server
We are always needing new players to fill in towns, especially Aurora! Join the server and apply here to join Aurora today!
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • December 12, 2015, 4:47 pm
Survival mini-update:

New plugin: QuestWorld!
There are now quests on the server that offer different ways to make money and get loot!
Just right click the Quest Book in your inventory and check out what quests you can do. As you complete tasks, the interface automatically updates and keeps track of your progress.

Need a new quest book? Just throw a crafting table into a crafting grid and pull out a brand new book!

Towny: More new towns!
More towns popped up, and existing ones have grown! If you're looking for a place to stay, they are very likely looking for new members to help them grow.

Pvp Towns:
    SiliconiaPVP [10]
    Aurora [7]
    Jedi Council [1]
    The Flachulent Bat [1]

Pve Towns:
    Melon [18]
    Mistopolis [3]
    Hermit Island [1]

VIP Perk: Armor stand editing!
VIP's can now edit armor stands in a really neat way!

  1. Right click the air with a piece of flint to open the edit menu
  2. Select an attribute to edit
  3. Right/left click on an armor stand to change the attribute
  4. With position attributes, hold shift and scroll to change the axis of rotation
VIP 1: toggle baseplate and arms
VIP 2: toggle stand gravity and size
VIP 3: modify arm and leg position
VIP 4: modify body and head position, as well as copy/paste attributes!
Bump out of nowhere
  • Dropbear_
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • April 25, 2016, 3:23 pm
Classic Rem
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • December 2, 2015, 4:01 pm
Bump for glory! Nothing particularly new to add, but we're getting 14+ people on weekdays :D
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • December 4, 2015, 11:54 am
Bumping really does help ;)
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • November 28, 2015, 7:32 am
Survival mini-update:
Due to popular demand (and that spawn is an island), players are now given boats when they complete the tutorial!

We're now up to three towns: SiliconiaPvP and Aurora in pvp, and Melon in pve. They're all looking for new members, so go check them out!

The regions for pvp, pve, spawn, and the neutral zone have been cleaned up, and give enter/exit messages that actually make sense. My bad :D

If you are looking for resources or want to start a shop, take a look at /warp mall, a player run mall hosted in spawn! The top floor is mostly filled now, but there's still plenty of room for new shops on the bottom floor. Just remember, making a shop will charge you 200 rupees.

Yesterday we had a peak of 24 players on survival, and had over 20 players online for almost two hours! Let's see if we can top that today!
Join our server at mc.shadecrest.com!
  • Qb10panther
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Architect
  • November 27, 2015, 5:32 pm
Awesome server!  I guess thats why I've been playing on it for over 3 years.
Close to 4 years for me!
great server 10/10
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • November 27, 2015, 8:21 am
Dynmap is (mostly) working again, Towny prices have been completely reworked, and LWC is cheaper when you have fewer locks!

Along with the normal voting prizes (50 rupees and a chance for items), we now have milestone vote rewards! At 150 votes, you receive an extra special reward. Vote for us at shadecrest.com/vote

Our in-game tutorial has been massively cleaned up, and now only takes a fraction of the old time to complete!

Join mc.shadecrest.com today!
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • November 21, 2015, 11:19 am
The world has been reset! Brand new 16k by 16k map with persistent nether for fast travel.

Come check it out! mc.shadecrest.com
no longer called builder II
  • Dropbear_
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • April 25, 2016, 3:24 pm
Good ol' me
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • August 21, 2015, 1:27 pm
Thanks for pointing that out! Just updated
Bump? This server needs more players than it had in June 2012.
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • July 29, 2015, 6:49 pm
Just did :D we are trying to get more players atm
  • Xwing245
  • Level 12
  • Journeyman Engineer
  • June 10, 2015, 7:22 am
I am recruiting members for my pvp towny. We are trying to revamp pvp which means its a perfect time to join a pvp town if your new to the concept. If you are skilled, you can help out some of the newer recruits. We also need builders for the interrior structure of the town. If you are intrested look for me(WCTech) ingame on mc.shadecrest.com
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • May 17, 2015, 1:17 pm
15 players online at the same time yesterday, lets try to beat that number!
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • May 15, 2015, 3:01 pm
ShadeCrest: Now with survival kits! (/kit [name])
Guests can once again build in mining before taking the tutorial! (/warp mining)
See demos of server mechanics! (/warp Museum)

ip: mc.shadecrest.com, then walk through the "survival" portal
  • Mega_Spud
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • April 27, 2015, 2:00 am
Really enjoying playing at ShadeCrest!  Come and check it out! 

ip: mc.shadecrest.com
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • April 3, 2015, 6:45 am
Feature: /warp Portals

We've created a random teleporter that will place you at some location in the world you pick! (PvP, PvE, Mining, and Ender). Just travel to /warp Portals, and walk down one of the 4 paths surrounding you. It's an awesome reach an unoccupied location when you are just starting out!

Also, we should be posting an official "weekly" update today, so keep an eye out for it.

Why not come check it out? mc.shadecrest.com
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • April 2, 2015, 6:49 am
Update to donor perks (again!):
  • /hat now works with banners
  • /prefix requires a non-name character at the end (not any of A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _)
Finished refactoring most of our code, so we can get back to adding features :)
IP: mc.shadecrest.com
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • April 1, 2015, 6:42 am
For today only, we are giving new players a stack of diamonds!
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • March 22, 2015, 10:43 am
Testing out a new option for our server today: /tpa (/call)!

/tpa <player>:
Request any player teleport you to their location. You are notified if they don't have permission to accept teleports.

/tphere <player>:
Generally the same as /tpa, but requests a player to teleport to you.

/tpaccept [request#]:
Accept a teleport request, either from /tpa or /tphere. If you have multiple open requests, you can optionally list the request number to accept.

A list of recent teleport requests that you have recieved.
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • March 14, 2015, 9:46 am
Update to donor perks:
  • [VIP I]+ have access to /hat!
  • [VIP II]+ can hide automatic announcements with /announcements hide [msgGroup]!
  • [VIP III]+ get access to custom prefixes using /prefix <prefix>!
Works with any block, as well as any non-armor item. Just hold the object in your hand and use the command!
Banner support is planned, but not functional yet.
Full usage: /hat

Allows users to hide (or show) announcements. This is per-session, meaning when you log off for any reason, you will see messages again.
You can optionally specify a group of messages to hide, otherwise it applies to all message groups.
Full usage: /announcements <hide|show> [msgGroup]

Allows the user to set a custom prefix (tag) in front of their name. Supports all formatting codes except magic using &.
Prefixes are limited to 10 characters, and the last character must be either ] or |. This restriction is likely to change to any non-alphanumeric key.
Player usage: /prefix <prefix|#clear>
Full usage: /prefix <prefix|#clear [player]|#show <player>|#set <player> <prefix>]

More perks are planned, including some in the works right now!
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • February 16, 2015, 12:24 pm
Server is back up and should (hopefully) say up :D
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • February 14, 2015, 2:23 pm
And unfortunately we are being DDOS'd to hell and back right now, we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • February 14, 2015, 9:34 am
Our guest quiz has been fully replaced by the new /tutorial, an interactive guide on how to play on our server!

You can now move warps with /warp move for 5,000 rupees!

Donators, /hat has returned! At the moment it does not work with banners, but any other block can be placed on your head!

And finally, /names will show you all the previous names of players on the server, a very useful tool!

Come check it out, guys :)
  • Ksapple107
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Architect
  • January 4, 2015, 3:43 pm
I've been on this server for a few years now, Shadecrest is fantastic in so many ways... The community is the best part about it and I'd say the ranking system is superior to any other creative server I've built on! If you see me online and you'd like help, I'm always willing to share some technique! 

Happy Building :D
  • Navarog
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • October 27, 2014, 12:11 pm
We're going to have regular, Thursday building contests on Creative from now on from 5-7 PM EST. Hope to see you there. :D
http://imgur.com/a/hs8BZ#0 more pictures from shadecrest builds
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • September 20, 2014, 3:42 pm
Having trouble sifting through warps to find a shop?  Not anymore!  We've added a command, "/shop list", that will display all warps on the server that lead to shops.
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • September 18, 2014, 2:49 pm
Woo-hoo, Starting pve spawn cleanup today! Most of "Noob village" should be removed by the end of the weekend.
(thread link here)
  • ezeiger92
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • September 16, 2014, 4:53 pm
McMMO getting a huge revamp, it's awesome!
  • WalakuServer
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • August 24, 2014, 12:15 pm
Great server highly recommend this server to anyone looking for a long-term server to play on!

I love this server! People are the nicest and Ive been on here for about 4 years.
CyberVic, Max, whoever runs this, that mountain / town photo was not  built by A3 alone. Around 15+ people helped build that. Shouldn't it have a title of something more along the lines of 'A community build on the Creative Server'?
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • July 25, 2014, 9:15 am
You can see all our weekly updates @ http://www.shadecrest.com

This Week in ShadeCrest - 2014/07/25


  • General - MOTD change
  • General - Bumping and Voting
  • General - Forum Moderation & Warnings
  • General - Wiki Updates
  • Creative - More creative staff changes
  • Survival - ezeiger92 promoted to admin
  • Survival - LWC protection fix

General - MOTD change
If you haven't seen our new server MOTD by now, you should go check it out. "A Minecraft Communtiy" has been replaced with "A sandbox gaming community", more color has been added, our different servers are listed, and it just looks better. This is not the final version, changes may still occur as we are going through a minor rebranding process right now, but it is a good starting point. And no, we will not change it back to "MeowCrest" [img=]shadecrest.com/site/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/tongue.png[/img]

General - Bumping and Voting
I think many have already noticed the fruits of our labor when it comes to voting. Ndv increasing the incentives for voting has more people voting than ever and we're seeing more players again. Another thing that will help is that people at the very least occasionally bump our Minecraft Forums posts. FYI, I will be posting these weekly updates on Minecraft Forums and Planet Minecraft to bump that thread AT LEAST once a week, but players bumping it more often would be great.

General - Forum Moderation & Warnings
Today I am officially rolling out a system that will allow our moderators to issue warnings on the forums and those warnings to inevitably lead to temp banning on the forums for repeat offenders. This is not to turn our forums into some kind of silly police state, but rather to just bring order to some of the flaming, trolling, and other inappropriate behavior that sometimes happens on the forums. Full details on how this system works can be found here, and will eventually be put into the wiki. Which leads to...

General - Wiki Updates
We are in the process of doing some pretty massive updates to the Wiki. This overall is to first just take care of anything massively out of date, but also begin to roll out all those policies that I have been pitching over the last few months via my ShadeCrest Master Document. As always looking for feedback on this stuff prior to it going up on the wiki.

Creative - More creative staff changes
As many of you have noticed, we had a large departure of some long time Creative staff. They will be missed, but Navarog is staying on top of things including making a new Moderator rank for Creative, more news on that later after we get it setup. TegAshLar has also returned from inactive duty so that puts the admin count on Creative up to 4 including Navarog. I think that's a healthy number and likely with this new moderator rank, we should be able to have a good healthy staff number around the clock (at least that's the goal).

Survival - ezeiger92 promoted to admin
Erik has been doing a lot over the past several months both in terms of just being an active staff presence, but also helping fix a LOT of back end stuff. Not just stuff mentioned in the weekly update, but a lot of stuff that's just been messy on the server side of ShadeCrest for quite some time. He's basically been acting in an admin capacity for the last month and a half anyhow, so figured it was right to make him an admin in title as well.

Survival - LWC protection fix
When we updated to 1.7.9, players that were added to chests were not able to access them. This has now been fixed, and all players that were added to locks before (and after) 1.7.9 can access them! We apologize to those affected by this bug for the time it took to correct.
  • shadecrest
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Miner
  • July 21, 2014, 8:45 am
Going to start posting all our weekly updates here on Planet Minecraft in addition to our own site. Here is the latest update from the last week:

You can see all our weekly updates @ http://www.shadecrest.com

This Week in ShadeCrest - 2014/07/18

  • General - Voting Improvements
  • General - New Hub under Construction

General - Voting Improvements
The bulk of the voting improvements are complete. www.shadecrest.com/vote and the link in the site's navigation bar now forwards you to the new voting page thanks to Imaxorz. More importantly, we've consolidated the survival and creative voting pages so you only have to vote on 1 page for each site, and so that all votes benefit both of our servers. Likewise, VotePoint balances are now shared between survival and creative. www.shadecrest.com/vote has been modified to include more features and accommodate for the consolidation. We should start seeing a lot of new players on both survival and creative provided that you guys keep voting as much as you are! Expect items to fill the VoteShop within the next week or so.

General - New Hub under Construction
qb10panther has begun work on a new hub. Our goal is to simplify it for new players while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. We'd like to get the process down to "join the server -> enter the portal to survival or creative" and cut away at unnecessary info boards or features. This will hopefully be implemented in coming days.
  • saylorink
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • July 10, 2014, 6:40 am
I was looking for a server like shadecrest for a long time, when i finally stumbled upon it. It has been one of the greatest servers i have ever played on. The people are nice and very welcoming and its exactly the type of server that people love to play on. I have been playing on shadecrest since 2012 and have made so many friends and hope to make more...if you havent joined yet, check it out and see how you like it. I strongely encourage people to join though...it is my favorite server to play on.
Wow, I never expected to find a server like this! It has so much excitment and pvp, nothing like any of the other servers
Absolutely one of the best servers out there! You have to join! I've been on this server since 2011, and have seen my fair share of servers but yet I still come back here :D

That has to tell you something! :D

This is a good server, and I use it mostly for survival. I play this with a few friends, so the sense of community and the fact that donators don't get rediculous perks are a few of the reasons why this is my favorite survival server. 
 - DomLeBomb1222

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