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Skyloft Nation: Resurrection

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Skyloft Nation: Resurrection
Status Online! Pinged: 10/16/21
Game VersionMinecraft Java 1.17.1
Uncle Genny's 100% Organic Freerange Modpack Version 1.2.0
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Greetings, Loftwings!
There are many great Minecraft multiplayer servers out there, but what makes our server special? The name Skyloft originated from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Skyloft is the name of the sky island in the game and we thought it would be appropriate to choose it because our spawn was a sky island.

[ Worlds and Economy ]
We (the administrators) try to provide players with a dynamic and enjoyable environment that differs from other servers. We do this by including two worlds. The Skyloft spawn which includes the shop, information and a parkour course, and the adventure spawn which includes the bank and quests. As a new player on the server you will spawn with gear to help get you started. You will notice that you spawn with 25 Emeralds. Emeralds are actually our server currency. Skyloft Nation provides players with a dynamic and physical economy. This is a feature not many servers provide and we are happy to provide it. The key features within the physical economy is that money is difficult to obtain and it is not easy to get ridiculously rich like you would with a virtual economy. Players are required to store their hard earned cash in vaults. You earn Emeralds by mining them or completing quests. Our economy is not inflated and we don't believe it's possible to ever become inflated. One last thing about our economic features is the shop. We have NPCs that sell items for Emeralds. There are six villager NPCs that each sell a specific amount of items and they are all categorised. For example, blocks, weapons, food, etc.

[ Roleplay and Item Drops ]
Skyloft Nation is happy to include roleplay in it's list of features. Players are given the opportunity to roleplay with other players if they wish or complete server quests which decide your character's fate. Another golden feature that Skyloft Nation provides is item drops. When you kill mobs they have a chance to drop some loot. They can either drop unidentified items, socket gems, identity tomes, or other rare loot. If you pick up an unidentified item you will need to grind for an identity tome to identify your unidentified item. Once you have an identified item it will be given a random name and have a list of socket slots. To upgrade your tool/weapon you use socket gems. They each serve as an upgrade and will increase your tool/weapon's power, durability and other stats. The plugin's name is MythicDrops. For a detailed tutorial on how to use the plugin you can search up on it, but for now we will move on.

[ Factions and mcMMO ]
Yes, yes. We all know every server has these plugins. These two plugins are essential for a server to have, but how does it make our server unique? Well, we have modified factions to include costs for land claim, creation, setting home, setting a description and all other faction functions. As money is difficult to earn we believe including faction costs will encourage players to team up with others and collect Emeralds together. We have also disabled powerloss. The reason we disabled powerloss is because we want players to feel safe and enjoy Minecraft the way it's meant to be played without worrying about your constructions being griefed or the PvP drama. This means that once you die, your faction will not get 'weaker' and it's impossible for other factions to raid you and/or claim your land. You will have a static amount of power which signifies how many chunks you can claim. mcMMO is a plugin which gives players stats they can improve such as mining, sword-fighting, etc. Even though we allow griefing and raiding we don't plan on making it possible. We believe that griefing and raiding is apart of Minecraft itself and we didn't want to disallow something that's apart of the game. In order to grief and raid you will have to find an unclaimed house or kill other players for their items. That's the only form of griefing and raiding that is possible.

[ Quests and Events ]
Even though quests have been mentioned more than twice now we'd like to discuss more of it. In the adventure world you can speak with an NPC to begin a quest. We have many quests available and more are added every week. They can be jobs, errands, storyline, and other types of quests that we may add in the future. When you choose to do them you will be given a set of tasks to complete and once you complete every single task you will be given a reward. The reward could be Emeralds or items. The second thing we want to cover up is events. Administrators host events every weekend for the players to enjoy. We construct the event, create two teams and divide the players into two teams. The events are usually roleplay events which is a lot of fun. The winning team or player will receive an award at the end of the event!

[ Staff Members ]
Skyloft Nation only hires mature and old enough staff members. Our staff team is extremely nice and helpful. We don't think we are higher or more superior than players. We don't issue jails, mutes or bans unless it is really necessary. Our staff team is not abusive and we handle situations cautiously to avoid upsetting a player. Insulting staff members is not a great idea, but we won't permanently ban you insulting staff members unless it is continued.

[ Server Management ]
Skyloft Nation wants players to feel safe in an environment that is generally made by the community. We do acknowledge that we have a playerbase of different ages and that's why we have plugins to ensure swearing and vague language is censored. Although we are able to block swearing, players are able to get past the censor and still send some vague language through the chat. Players who do this will be punished accordingly by our moderation team. We understand that griefing is apart of the game, but we try our best to discourage it. Although it's not against the rules to grief, we are happy to rollback any damage made to your constructions. All of the server blocks are logged into a MYSQL database and we are able to rollback and restore any damage caused.

[ Anti-Cheat System ]
We work very hard to provide a fun and fair experience for all of our players. That's why we have installed an anti-cheat system that will combat those cheaters who like to ruin the fun of the game. Anyone caught cheating or using a hacked client will be permanently banned. Our anti-cheat system blocks any exploits or cheats initiated by a player. However, the player is still able to circumvent the anti-cheat system which is why we have staff to take care of these pesky cheaters.

[ Rules and Ranks ]
Like every other server we have our own rules. You can view these rules on a separate thread. Our rules are very fair and straight-forward. We don't include rules that affect your experience. Keeping our server up and running is costly which is why we've included donation ranks. Donations help keep the server up and running and rewards the player with features.

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