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avatar Raum
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Status Online! Pinged: 02/21/20
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.10
Connect With

IP: mc.stuzzcraft.org
TS3: ts3.stuzzcraft.org
Website: http://stuzzcraft.org

Under new management!* Stuzzcraft is a medium sized SMP server that just celebrated it's 2 year anniversary November 2014. Since we began tracking in 1.6, we have had over 10,000 unique accounts log in, but are always looking for new people to join our community!


  • No Whitelist - No sitting around, waiting for applications to be approved!
  • Active Staff - From Mods right up to the Owner
  • Farm World - Why tear up the main world - use the often resetting farming world for materials!
  • mcDungeons - Giant sprawing dungeons with custom loot scattered throughout the PvP world!
  • Grief Prevention Claims - Protect your land from all forms of griefing
  • Dynmap - See the world from a bird's eye view
  • Optional Creative World - Build what you want in your own plot using creative mode!
  • Optional PVP World - test your strength against other players in a world that will not impact our Survival world!
  • Player Run Shops - Our players set the economy in a Shop World, using a custom plugin to create shops
  • LWC - Lock your doors, chests and gates - allow whoever you want through them!
  • McMMO - Adds a fun, 'RPG' aspect to the server
  • Mob Arena - Show your skills fighting wave after wave of increasingly difficult monsters .. and occasionally a flock of Chickens.
  • Build Events - Creative Event building with awesome rewards to the winner, as well as 'immortality' of your build(s)!
  • Hand of Herobrine - Our one of a kind mini-game, not found ANYWHERE else and created by the Owner of Stuzzcraft!
  • Ticket System - Request help from the staff at a specific location! Even if the staff is busy, or offline, they can get to it ASAP!
  • Many, MANY more custom plugins - one of the perks of having a developer the an owner!


Our main survival world is No PVP, No Grief - No Exceptions. We do, however, have kit based Arenas, and an actual PVP world that uses your Survival Inventory to test your strength against other people. Our PVP World also contains many sprawling dungeons that are home to even more dangerous creatures and powerful loot. The PVP world is 100% Optional. Nobody is ever required to go there, or participate. You can't even 'accidentally' get there.

Stuzzcraft Modded

In addition to our main server, we also run a Forge based modded server which adds multiple new gameplay aspects, including new mobs, biomes and items - Just like our main server, it too is free to everyone, and is linked to our main server via chat. For more information on our modded server, visit it's own info page here.

Our Hardware

Stuzzcraft (SCV) and Stuzzcraft Modded (SCM) run on our very own dedicated machine and can accurately boast a 99% uptime, Screaming fast with a quad core Xeon E3 and 16g of RAM, We rarely experience any server lag on either game.

Under new management

After two years of service, Stuzz has passed the torch to the developer-become-admin Raum. You can read about it here.

Additional Information

While we are an 'All Ages' server, certain things, such as swearing, ARE allowed on Stuzzcraft. If you, or your children, do not wish to see this, they can use the command /chatfilter to turn off all visible swearing in public channels.

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01/13/2015 9:49 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
New Listing, but old server! Under new management!
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