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[1.4.6] [Vanilla] [PvP] The Edge ~Custom Server Wrapper~

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avatar berkano
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
[1.4.6] [Vanilla] [PvP] The Edge ~Custom Server Wrapper~
Status Offline Pinged: 03/20/14
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft 1.4
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What is the Edge?

The Edge is a vanilla, snapshot server. Because snapshot servers are incompatible with Bukkit, commands such as /spawn are usually impossible. Or are they? The servero s owner, Berkano, has developed a custom server wrapper for The Edge. What does this mean? It means awesome stuff such aso ¦

Home command - Make a house a home by being able to teleport back to your abode!

Spawn command o Teleport back to spawn (particularly useful when trading with other players).

Warps o Mods can create warps, which allow us to do stuff like make multiple spawns and build special areas that normal players can warp to.

Spawn protection o Spawn is now a sanctuary and not a post-apocalyptic battlefield! Dono t worry; the protection doesno t extend for miles and miles.

Give normal users special access o Mods can give normal players access to specific commands. Is rain lagging out your Minecraft, and ito s just you and a Mod, whoo s about to leave? They can give you toggledownfall to help you out!

Pure Survival o Use the survive command to go into pure survival o no commands whatsoever! Your inventory will be wiped when you use this command, so put away those diamonds!

All this is possible, with one minor disadvantage o you have to use o !o instead of o /o ahead of commands. In fact, that isno t even a disadvantage. We all know o !o is way cooler than o /o .

Other Stuff


PvP is allowed

Griefing is not allowed

Raiding is allowed. However, you'll be compensated for a major loss, and there is somewhere safe to store your items (see Benefits).

Excessive swearing, racism and personal attacks are not allowed

Moderators should only use creative mode for server-related purposes


[Image not added yet]

[Owner] Berkano: The owner of The Edge, the creator of EdgeCraft, the custom server wrapper, and all round good guy. Rumour has it that he can lift 160 trees with one hand. Well, I say rumour. Ito s actually something I made up just now.

[Image not added yet]

[Mod] Globagoz: One of the three original Mods, Globagoz is pretty much the coolest, most awesome guy on the planet. A fearsome Celtic warrior that even The Wither finds terrifying. Note: This post was written by Globagoz.


[Mod] Sirhibbsy: One of the three original Mods, Sirhibbsy was the first of the Mods to meet Berkano. Berkano was so impressed by Globagoz and Sirhibbsyo s jungle house that he made them Mods. Sirhibbsy is currently living in the jungle, and rages after falling in lava on a daily basis.

[Image not added yet]

[Mod] Hachiruo: Became a Mod shortly after Globagoz and Sirhibbsy, Hachiruo is a redstone pro, visionary builder and an enforcer of justice. Oh yeah, and he wears a fish mask. It apparently coverso ¦ah, but you dono t need to know that. Or do you?!

[Image not added yet]

[Mod] Sniffakipper: The newest of the Mods, Sniffakipper is essentially invincible when it comes to Minecraft. What do I mean? Well, Io ll put it this way. Within a week of Beacon blocks being added, Sniffakipper already had a pyramid with every single effect. He also has a farm for everything.

[Image not available]

[Ex-Mod] StrangeOneXD: Yes, you read that right. Image not available. How can this be? Simple. StrangeOneXD is, or was, a rogue, an assassin and a vagabond rolled in to one. Ok, that isno t really true, but StrangeOneXD was one of the three Original Mods, but lost his status and was eventually banned after spawning in diamond blocks and generally screwing around.
His ghost still haunts the server to this very day.


Posted Image
Spawn Island: This is where youo ll begin your journey. Ito s an island. In the sky. Did I mention that ito s an island?

Posted Image
Paradise Island: The original spawn of The Edge, Paradise island has wooden bridges linking every house, a minecart ride and Globagoz and Sirhibbsyo s jungle house, including their mob fighting arena and their Spleef stadium.

Posted Image
Meeting Room: Somewhere in The Edge, hidden, is the Meeting Room, where Berkano and the Mods hold meetings and discuss the future of The Edge.


Eclestius: A project by Globagoz and Sirhibbsy, Eclestius boasts a day-night lighting system, a bustling market and free healthcare.


Snapshot Testing Facility: Construction of this building is not completed yet. However, weo re taking precautions to ensure this facility is as safe as possible. For example, no computers. We dono t want another GLaDOS situation again.


Tandora: A new project by Globagoz and Sirhibbsy, but this time they're doing it legit, right down to the Zombie Villagers they had to cure. Incest EVERYWHERE.


Normal members will get these benefits:

Help from Mods: Has your house been griefed in any way? Weo ll rebuild it for you! Has anything really valuable been taken? Weo ll spawn it in and give it to you! (Youo ll need some evidence, though. Weo re not falling for the o My stack of Diamond Blocks has been stoleno routine. At least, not again.)

Lockers: Want a secure place to keep your diamonds/emeralds/dirt? Select a warp to a particular locker and put your stuff in the chest there.

Commands: !spawn, !survive, !about etc.

Pure Survival: Teleport to a land without rules. Um, I mean commands. Same thing. Sort of.

Long-term, trusted members will get access to these privileges:

Access to certain warps: Want to go to Paradise Island? Sure. What about the Ruined Village? Definitely. How about my secret stash of diamonds? Absolut-NO. You almost caught me out there. Almost.

Potential to become a Mod: If you really prove your worth over a long time, you will be in with a chance of joining the elite, the untouchable, the supremeo ¦Mods! Best part: you dono t even have to sell your soul! Unless you're Sirhibbsy.

Any Block as a Helmet: Use the !helmet command to wear any block on your head! Charge into battle wearing a melon as a helmet. They're surprisingly tough. Seriously. Ok, I lied. They taste pretty good though.

Customised Weapon: You'll have your own, uniquely named, super-enchanted (think Knockback X) weapon! Send monsters flying! Other stuff!

Server Specifications

EU Hosted Server


Quad Core Xeon 3.4GHz CPU

Please note that the server is under construction somewhat, and EdgeCraft is constantly improving.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theedgemc

Website: https://sites.google...eminecraft/home

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEdgeMC

Additional Notes

Always latest snapshot

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  • Kui_
  • Level 8
  • Apprentice Warrior
  • October 14, 2012, 9:17 am
This Server is LEGIT!! I love the people, love the server, love everything about it...only thing I wish I could make it better! I'm a really good builder, I hate griefing, I even hate the word "grief"! I'll make sure that I can keep building really cool things. I do some pixel art and some AWESOME houses and mansions!! Thank you for an awesome server i will always be on here until they come out with the update, then I'm sure you guys will have it updated and stuff! Thanks! :3


  • Sirhibbsy
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Crafter
  • October 7, 2012, 7:08 am

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