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The Templar's Server

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Level 5 : Apprentice Architect

Server Info : RID 1868147

The Templar's Server
Status: Offline Pinged: 11/24/17
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.11
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This is a survival building/creative and faction server. Everyone starts as guests for security reasons. More ranks are to be added. Go check out our facebook page, like it to stay updated:www.facebook.com/pages/TheTemplars/254857517940827
We work hard on our own spawns so go check those out too!

New Community Wanted : 07/16/2017 12:05:19 pm7/16/17

Join up, play, request, trying to revive an old server

LOOKING FOR STAFF : 09/16/2016 4:55:15 pm9/16/16

Need mods ONLY no admins or high ranks, close community already own those positions. Looking for someone to manage the server for the most part in terms of bans, judging, reporting, jailing, and keeping peace while the Owner (myself, Eman) and staff are not online. Either send an email to [email protected] or simply log on and speak with the Admins.

Looking for Mods/Builders/Members : 08/20/2016 3:59:53 pm8/20/16

I would like this to be almost a self run community, hop on and ask for what positions are available and/or you know people who would like to join.

New NEW Host : 08/01/2016 6:14:53 pm8/01/16

EmanTemplar is now the sole operator of the physical server, updated to 1.10.2 with minimal mods

New host! : 08/16/2014 12:38:37 pm8/16/14

Server host is lag free! Much faster connection and speed, fully dedicated server computer. Log in!

More RAM! : 09/08/2013 5:50:41 pm9/08/13

Happy to announce that we now have an allocated 3 GB of RAM to the server :D

COME JOIN : 06/11/2013 7:15:54 pm6/11/13

Pls come join us, in desperate need of players

SERVER HAS NEW WORLD : 06/10/2013 2:59:59 pm6/10/13

Come check out our new world! Technically its old but it's finally added to the server! Gate located at the castle spawn.

WE ARE BACK with a new partner : 06/05/2013 3:37:38 pm6/05/13

Hey guys we are finally steadily back, and a new server im joined with is emperorofnyte.zapto.org go check it out.

Still need players! : 02/28/2013 5:14:06 pm2/28/13

Come join us! We are still really small but would like more people to join!

Trouble with the second server : 02/24/2013 2:03:39 pm2/24/13

Lately we've had connection errors to the other server, so bear with us and we will try to fix it ASAP.

Looking for members! : 02/21/2013 5:55:56 pm2/21/13

Hello there! We are looking for new people to come on the server(s) and give us some ideas. New ranks, new events, new places, new games, etc. We might even raffle away a new base built by our very own admin, Dalatorabvon21. SO JOIN! and no asking for Admin or OP or that will lead to banning or kicking seriously don't get on my nerves -EmanTemplar

Servers connected! : 02/16/2013 4:06:31 pm2/16/13

Hello again! It has been a success to connect the old Templar server to the new mini one, the gate to the old one can be found by exiting spawn to ur right. Activate the gate and head on through. Happy survival!

New Connection to Larger Server! : 02/13/2013 4:09:49 pm2/13/13

Me and the other admin Dalatorabvon21 have been working on connecting our old server to this one. We have found success and hope to open the gate very soon. Come check us out for fun survival and creative building!

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  • Creator409
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  • December 1, 2014, 3:55 pm
i shall finally have a survival server to play on, build myself a minicastle and hug myself

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