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Username is CaSe-SeNsiTive

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7 Update Logs

v0.8.1 Better Kits, Combat Tag, & QoL : by AnonymousBluejay 04/16/2022 4:51:08 amApr 16th

Version 0.8.1

Kit and warp improvements, combat tag, more QoL improvements

Credits Room


Cozy credits room by RenderDragons, includes a couple of maps!

Better Essentials

  • Better Kits
    • /kits will show all available kits, kits can be hovered over to reveal the number of items and cooldown, and clicked to use.
    • Kits will now give weapons, ammo, gear, and other items rather than credits
    • Unlocking new kits by ranking up no longer removes lower rank kits
    • Added /kit dailyreward for 1 free crate every 12 hours
    • width=686
  • Better Warps
    • Similar to /kit, /warps will show a list of available warps that can be hovered over to reveal information and clicked to use
    • /spawn will now do the exact same thing as /warp spawn
    • width=550
  • All commands have full autocomplete support, permissions included
  • Added /menu and /profile as aliases for /help
  • Added Kits and Warps to /menu
  • Added command information to items in /menu

Combat Tag

  • When a player damages another player, both players will become combat tagged for 30 seconds
  • Logging off while combat tagged will cause immediate death
  • Mobs will not cause combat tag or refresh combat timer
  • /combattag or /ct will show remaining combat tag duration
  • width=610


  • One of the Community Chests at spawn turned into the Chomper
  • Chomper can convert weapons and equipment into nanites
  • Place any items into the Chomper and click CHOMP NOW to chomp
  • width=350 width=350

New Weapon

  • Wooden Sword
  • width=286
  • Not the most exciting weapon, I know, but trust me when I say this is not your average wooden sword
  • LL performs downward diagonal slashes that can be chained infinitely
  • LLR performs a horizontal slash with extra range and knockback that can be aimed moderately
  • R performs a downward heavy slash that will ground enemies and deals extra damage
  • Wooden Sword can be obtained for free by everyone with /kit recruit, until you find a gun this is your best bet

Other Changes

  • You can now punch things as long as you are not holding a weapon
  • Improved weapon loading mechanics
  • Weapons with multiple firing modes will now default to the mode with the highest fire rate
  • Added /resource auto to automatically load the most appropriate resource pack
  • Added clickable message on join that will run /resource auto
  • Added a new set of tier 0 loadout for Recruits in /kit recruit, Recruits can no longer use tier 1 equipment
  • Dynmap render is now also available at
  • Optimized explosion hit detection
  • Increased melee swing hitbox size
  • Changed Air Dash particle to a line
  • Added more TIPS messages
  • Reduced Templar Spear attack speed
  • Autocomplete for more admin commands, including /soundlist, /entropy and even full support for /nbt and /nbt items
  • /nbt model will now give you the custom model data of the held item if no arguments are given
  • Kits can be created and removed with /kit create and /kit remove, this will create a kit with the items in your inventory, supports NBT, stop using essentials kit commands such as /createkit, the same applies to /warp

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