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Level 4 : Apprentice Network
Passerines Network
Status Online! Pinged: 06/28/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Velocity 1.7.2-1.18.2
  Passerines Network | Velocity | Ethereal Realms
    20+ New Melee Weapons, New Mob & Bosses!
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NEW! ETHEREAL REALM - Build your own town, Fight for the throne!

Ethereal Realms is a PvPvE capture the throne RPG game that is built around a magical fantasy and medieval theme.

The weapons in this game includes giant greatswords, sabers, bow, crossbow, magical items such as wands, magic staffs, spells, mounts such as dragons, basilisks, leviathans and griffins.

Lead your people, build a town from the grounds up, create an alliance and take the throne. Whoever named king shall wield the Excalibur and rule the realm.

Separately managed by the Ethereal Realm team
Minecraft Java 1.18+, no mods required, regular updates
Discord: https://discord.gg/pFV5J4YkWN
Server IP: play.passerines.net

VELOCITY - Fast-paced Melee & Gun PvP


New threats have been identified in Velocity. If you have disregarded previous communications from us, we hope that you will reconsider after understanding these new threats to the security of Velocity.
  • The Templars of the Broken Cross, a previously unknown organization with portal technology similar to our own, have been sending biotically enhanced soldiers armed with abnormal weaponry to collect Singularity from Velocity. Our scientists have been unable to explain their perpetually burning spears.
  • There have been sightings of Demolishers, previous recipients of the Envoy-W endoskeleton that we were unable to recover from the Warp. Be wary that while possessing low intellectual abilities, these Demolishers still wield destructive explosive weaponry, hence their title.
Congratulations %NAME%, in light of the recent disturbance in Velocity, we have determined that you are eligible for the Passerines Defense Program. Qualified candidates will receive:
  • Envoy W-Series Endoskeleton - The most customizable and future-proof combat cybernetic enhancement.
  • Credits to purchase exoskeleton modifications and upgrades.
  • License to use any and all firearms available to the Vanguards.
  • Immunity from permanent death.
  • And more depending on your contributions.
As an Envoy, your tasks will include:
  • Generating, collecting, and contributing Singularities to further research.
  • Neutralizing enemies of Velocity.
If you are interested, you can find us through the following channels
Minecraft Java 1.18+, no mods required, regular updates
Server IP: play.passerines.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/YF2kn6A
Website: https://passerines.dev/
Latest Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSkRkAon3Zc

Dr. Derp

7 Update Logs

v0.8.1 Better Kits, Combat Tag, & QoL : by AnonymousBluejay 04/16/2022 4:51:08 amApr 16th

Version 0.8.1

Kit and warp improvements, combat tag, more QoL improvements

Credits Room


Cozy credits room by RenderDragons, includes a couple of maps!

Better Essentials

  • Better Kits
    • /kits will show all available kits, kits can be hovered over to reveal the number of items and cooldown, and clicked to use.
    • Kits will now give weapons, ammo, gear, and other items rather than credits
    • Unlocking new kits by ranking up no longer removes lower rank kits
    • Added /kit dailyreward for 1 free crate every 12 hours
    • width=686
  • Better Warps
    • Similar to /kit, /warps will show a list of available warps that can be hovered over to reveal information and clicked to use
    • /spawn will now do the exact same thing as /warp spawn
    • width=550
  • All commands have full autocomplete support, permissions included
  • Added /menu and /profile as aliases for /help
  • Added Kits and Warps to /menu
  • Added command information to items in /menu

Combat Tag

  • When a player damages another player, both players will become combat tagged for 30 seconds
  • Logging off while combat tagged will cause immediate death
  • Mobs will not cause combat tag or refresh combat timer
  • /combattag or /ct will show remaining combat tag duration
  • width=610


  • One of the Community Chests at spawn turned into the Chomper
  • Chomper can convert weapons and equipment into nanites
  • Place any items into the Chomper and click CHOMP NOW to chomp
  • width=350 width=350

New Weapon

  • Wooden Sword
  • width=286
  • Not the most exciting weapon, I know, but trust me when I say this is not your average wooden sword
  • LL performs downward diagonal slashes that can be chained infinitely
  • LLR performs a horizontal slash with extra range and knockback that can be aimed moderately
  • R performs a downward heavy slash that will ground enemies and deals extra damage
  • Wooden Sword can be obtained for free by everyone with /kit recruit, until you find a gun this is your best bet

Other Changes

  • You can now punch things as long as you are not holding a weapon
  • Improved weapon loading mechanics
  • Weapons with multiple firing modes will now default to the mode with the highest fire rate
  • Added /resource auto to automatically load the most appropriate resource pack
  • Added clickable message on join that will run /resource auto
  • Added a new set of tier 0 loadout for Recruits in /kit recruit, Recruits can no longer use tier 1 equipment
  • Dynmap render is now also available at passerines.dev/maps
  • Optimized explosion hit detection
  • Increased melee swing hitbox size
  • Changed Air Dash particle to a line
  • Added more TIPS messages
  • Reduced Templar Spear attack speed
  • Autocomplete for more admin commands, including /soundlist, /entropy and even full support for /nbt and /nbt items
  • /nbt model will now give you the custom model data of the held item if no arguments are given
  • Kits can be created and removed with /kit create and /kit remove, this will create a kit with the items in your inventory, supports NBT, stop using essentials kit commands such as /createkit, the same applies to /warp

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