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Level 1 : New Miner

Server Info : RID 903828

Status: Offline Pinged: 02/21/17
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.2.5
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Xcraft is a minecraft server based on the idea that anyone can build wherever they want. While a lot of servers have limitations that only let you build outside of certain areas we let you build wherever you want as long as there is a minimum of 10 blocks space between your house or struction and any nearby struction or building. Any and all mining areas are shared and cannot be claimed to one person. You can use epiczones and protect your house from creaper explosions and other players. You can use lockette to lock your chests, furnaces, doors, and any other object that contains items or opens.

Please be able to speak english because we are not a multi lingual server and cannot understand you if you arent speaking english. All resources are legit and are not spawned or taken. Any chests or furnaces or unlocked room are free-4-all and are free for anyone to open or take. So if your chest if unlocked and not hidden and someone takes your stuff then you are to blame and your items will not be replaced.

You can use /sethome to set your home spawna nd type /home to warp there. If the server is full (7 players allowed at a time currently) then please dono t join. We dono t know entirely how many are supported at a single time yet and we dono t want the server crashing. Do not blow up for then 50 tnt at one time and allow 30 seconds between each tnt group because tnt is known to crash servers on low ram.

Requests: we do except requests, just message the admin in game or email ([email protected]) if you have a addon you want let us know and we will review it and if it looks promising we will add it within the hour. The server is up 24/7 except for the time between 10pm and 11pm that is when it is restarted for updates and other stuff. Restart only takes a few seconds but we allow 1 hour leverage in case something happens. A server wide message will be sent if the server is going to be restarted.

Please do not create a ton of warps or over use certain plugins. Our permissions file isnt working so we are trusting members to only create warps for things like secrete hidouts or things that they might forget how to get to. Type /nwlist to list warps if you make a warp be sure to type /setwarptype warpname type, if done right it will look like this. (/setwarptype hideout private) so that others cant see or warp to it.

Please join us and have lots of fun ^_^

Additional Notes

Welcome to the exclusive adventure of XCraft. please message me to request being on the whitelist. only request if you think you will be staying. if you want to just look around let me know.

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the server has been live for 2 minutes and 2 griefers have already come in and destroyed stuff
problem fixed
  • nick13209
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • May 24, 2012, 9:55 am
Can i be whitelisted, my IGN,: nick13209
you have been listed join anytime
just reply in a comment to get on whitelist

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