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【 darkside】

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MoonAstraea avatar MoonAstraea
Level 41 : Master Magical Girl
It might be 2023 now, but for my first skins of the new year, I'm going back to the years 2015-2018.

The inspiration for this particular skin comes from the song “Darkside” by Alan Walker. It was the song that I'd listen to for hours on end and my jam. Years later, it remains my all-time favorite song by him. The design for this skin is also heavily inspired by my persona and I think the song fits her well.

Fun fact: Until early 2020, I had no idea that this song was a sequel to another song. Now, every time I listen to one, I can understand the connection to the other.

【 darkside】 Minecraft Skin
CreditAlan Walker, Au/Ra, Tomine Harket.

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02/09/2023 3:30 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Skinner
TravellersJoy avatar
Heya Moon, just letting you know, I found this: dark girl Minecraft Skin (planetminecraft.com) and it appears to be a reupload of this skin, I wasn't sure whether you allow that or not, so I thought I'd bring it to your attention.

Beautiful skin, btw, love the colours in the hair!
02/09/2023 4:28 pmhistory
Level 41 : Master Magical Girl
MoonAstraea avatar
I appreciate you letting me know about this! I actually don't allow reuploads of my skins without permission haha.

Also, thank you!
02/09/2023 4:34 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Skinner
TravellersJoy avatar
No problem! I'm glad I could bring this to your attention!
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