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Ai-chan (Yatterman 2) from Yatterman

Ai-chan (Yatterman 2) from Yatterman Minecraft Skin
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So I saw that no one in existence has ever posted a Yatterman skin...
I have no idea how that happened. So I fixed that. :3

Welp, I guess there may not be way too many Yatterman fans out there, but I happen to be one. So greetings to all my fellow Yatterman fans viewing this... Oh, also, while it's on my mind, if anyone's wondering, this is the 2008 version of Ai-chan. The remake of Yatterman gave some of the characters a new design and I'd decided to do the most recent design. In case anyone was wondering...

So the 1.8 skin format came out! :D I wanted to try it out, but of course, I chose to skin a character with a mostly skin-tight outfit. Great. lol And now, at the moment, I don't have the snapshot to view my skin in, so now I'm just relying on PMC's preview. XD I'm hoping this will look fine in 3D.

Lastly, this is a fanmade skin. Yatterman belongs to Tatsunoko Productions and Minecraft belongs to Mojang.

"Yatta! Yatta! Yattaman!"
And have a good day!
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