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Akame Ga Kill - Incursio

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TheIronFireKnight avatar TheIronFireKnight
Level 34 : Artisan Warrior
Incursio was an Armor-type Teigu created from the flesh of Tyrant, a Super Class Danger Beast. It was a prototype for what would later become Grand Chariot. The Danger Beast's power was so great that its flesh is still alive within, giving the Teigu the title of "Demon Dragon Armor". In the past, Incursio once belonged to a high-ranking Imperial Army officer and martial arts expert Gensei, who was also Bulat's master, and later came into Bulat's possession and was used during his time under General Liver up until his mission against the Three Beasts with Tatsumi, when he passed it on to him upon his inevitable death. Both Bulat and Incursio were so well-known that Wave, upon seeing the Incursio-clad Tatsumi, mistook him for the late 100-Man Slayer in spite of the recent change in form.

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06/09/2018 9:15 am
Level 29 : Expert Crafter
DHsuperrobot avatar
Nice skin! Could you make the EVA unit 3 from Neon genesis Evangelion? I cant really make EVA's and i cant find one anywhere else.
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