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Arboreus, Son of Sylvanus (Contest Entry)

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Zatharel avatar Zatharel
Level 48 : Master Sweetheart
The cries of the forest could be heard from miles away. The tyrants marched forward, slaughtering every animal and setting fire to every plant they saw. Sylvanus sat next to his Cypress tree, waiting for the tyrants to end him. Suddenly, he heard a voice:
“Stand up father! Stand up and protect what is ours!”
It was Arboreus, his son. The young man wanted to protect the forest, as his father once did.

“I am too weak my boy. Even the immortal deities such as myself need know that there is a time to live, and a time to die…” Sylvanus said as he shed a tear. “I have seen wonders, and I have seen suffering. I have seen our forests blossom and I have seen our forests decay. I have seen life, and now, I must see death.” He said as another tear fell down from his brown eyes down his pale face. “But it is your time now, my dear son. You must gather what is left, you must protect the seeds of the forest and you must create a new sanctuary. Leave me here. I created this forest, and if it is going to die, I am going to die with it. All I ask is that you grant me one final wish - remember me.”

As they got separated, both father and son in tears, the tyrants came closer and closer.
“Go now, be strong.” Sylvanus said his final words to his son.
And so the boy gathered what was left, swore to protect the seeds of the forest and went on to create a new sanctuary.

When the tyrants approached Sylvanus, he did not fear them.
“I gave you everything. The flowers blossomed for you and the animals danced for you, and this is how you repay them, this is how you repay me.”
One of the armored men took his out his sword and without hesitation slashed it at Sylvanus.
The fires of the burning sanctuary was all that could be heard. The world had betrayed Sylvanus, we had betrayed Sylvanus.
CreditLola, Allergy & Dragons for being nice people and helping out.

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