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Ares (Classic DC)

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Ares is the god of war in Greek mythology, son of Zeus by Hera and a villainous cosmic entity who acts as antagonist to Wonder Woman. Dedicated to forwarding the cause of war, he acts as a corrupting influence to manipulate others and spread violence.

His powers include tremendous strength, speed, invulnerability, immortality, instant mastery with every weapon of war, immunity to the effects of weapons of war, reality warping, teleportation, superhuman agility, conjuration, and extreme healing. In addition, his powers grow exponentially when surrounded by violence and death.

I wasn't entirely happy with the Injustice version I did of Ares, but I didn't think I could really improve it either. This is my solution- I just did the classic version of Ares, with his strangely blue armor, and his totally shadowed face. Enjoy!

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