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Armored Uruk-Hai

Armored Uruk-Hai Minecraft Skin
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avatar bombrobot
Level 12 : Journeyman Engineer
An armored variation of my Uruk-Hai skin.

Uruks were first created by Sauron late in the Third Age. In the War of the Ring, the Uruk-hai made up a large part of Saruman's Army, together with the Dunlendings, man-enemies of Rohan. There are suggestions that the Uruk-hai of Isengard were the result of crossbreeding orcs and men. Certainly, there were other creatures in Saruman's armies, and under his command in the Shire, that appear to have been hybrids. "Half-orcs" were as tall as Men and are never described simply as orcs, as the Uruk-hai frequently are. It has also been suggested that the Uruk-hai are the cross-breeds of goblins and half-orcs. Saruman's army of Uruk-hai fought against King Théoden of Rohan and his people at Helm's Deep.

Movie Version
LOTRO Version
Armored Uruk-hai with Spike Gauntlet
CreditOne Wiki to Rule Them All
Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelSteve (4 pixel arms)

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 05/14/2016 6:59:17 amMay 14th, 2016

-Added movie version (recolored)
-Added LOTRO version (recolored)
-Added spike gauntlet version (minor texture change)
-Added image for movie version, LOTRO version, & spike gauntlet version
-Added of real uruk-hai
-added links

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