Baby Travis Valkrum (Aphmau) (Hide N Seek) (MyStreet) (Minecraft) Minecraft Skin
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Baby Travis Valkrum (Aphmau) (Hide N Seek) (MyStreet) (Minecraft)

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Kyara_Rose's Avatar Kyara_Rose
Level 55 : Grandmaster Witch
*le gasp* LOOK AT DA BABY TRAVIS!!! AAAAAAAH!!! I LOVE BABIES!!! THEY'RE SO CUTE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Hehehe... I was pretty cute as a baby, huh? Hehe... Ohai Travis... TRAVIS?! *o-o* Heey guys!~ Travis! You left me behind, damnit! Ehehe... sorry, Dante... Oh boy... more people to be shoved into this already small box-like house! *T-T* Teeheehee~ Hi, Travis~Kun! Dante~Kun! Kawaii~Chan's so glad you boys made it! No prob Kawaii~Chan! Uggh... ANYWAYS!!! Here's a wittle baby Travis cause he's so cute! AAAAH!!! Anyways, enjoy! Credit where credit is due! Free for anyone to use in MC or a RP!
~Kyara, Garroth, Dante, Travis, Aphmau, & Kawaii~Chan! ^w^
CreditAphmau, PMSeymoura (Voice Actor)

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