Baron of Hell (DOOM 2016) Minecraft Skin
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Baron of Hell (DOOM 2016)

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The Baron of Hell is the highest demon among the order of the Hell Knights. They rarely leave Hell, and no Baron of Hell has yet been captured by any of the Tethering Operations. Details regarding their behavior and physiology are therefore limited.

It is clear that Barons are ferocious fighters with a bloodlust unparalleled by any other demon. Barons, larger and faster than their lesser brothers, also possess the ability to generate Hell-energy fireballs which can be hurled at a target. In the doomed Project Lazarus Manned Expedition (MTC 2145/128) it is believed that most of the explorers were set upon by Barons of Hell, though the details are unclear.

Tablets, retrieved from the Great Steppe in the UAC Automated Survey of 2143, suggest that the Barons of Hell are the current Royal Guard of the unknown dark lord of the fourth age. While the nature of this entity is unknown, it must be presumed that as the Royal Guard's power has significantly increased, so too has the power of their master.

Finally got around to making a new skin. This time it's the Baron of Hell from DOOM, specifically the 2016 reboot. I recently got the game and felt the urge to make this. Also, I am extremely hyped for DOOM Eternal.

This was admittedly kind of fun to make. I probably messed up the eyes and mouth, but oh well. I can fix that later.


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Baron of Hell (DOOM 2016) Minecraft Skin
Creditid Software for making a HELLa fun game

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