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| BTS | LY 轉 | 'Singularity' | + Boy Version

| BTS | LY 轉 | 'Singularity' | + Boy Version Minecraft Skin
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avatar Charloox
Level 39 : Artisan Unicorn
boi it's been a long time since i made a skin.
yes i'm still alive and i've been on this website for 2 years.

anyways, because i love bts so much, i decided to make a skin inspired by their comeback trailer for their new album that came out not too long ago (Love Yourself Tear).
also because i have no imagination.

*cough cough*


i hear something shattering
it suddenly wakes me up
i hear strange sounds
i try covering my ears but i can’t fall back asleep

my throat keeps hurting
i try to wrap it
but i have no voice
again today, i hear that sound

that sound is ringing again
another crack forms on this frozen lake
i left myself behind on that lake
my voice was buried for you

above the winter lake where i’m left alone
there’s a thick sheet of ice
even in my momentary dreams
the illusions that torture me are still the same

did i lose myself?
or did i gain you?
i started to run to the lake
inside, i saw my face

please, don’t say anything
i hold out my hand to cover your mouth
but in the end, spring will come some day
the ice will melt away

tell me, if my voice is fake
should i have not thrown myself away?
tell me, if this pain is fake
then what must i do?


lyrics : here

➝ source of inspiration

➝ boy version

i hope you like these skins!

please don't claim / steal / repost as your own!

.:Bye bear 2:.

Format1.8+ Only 64x

01/05/2019 6:41 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Artist

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