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butterflies in the afternoon

butterflies in the afternoon Minecraft Skin
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avatar pbs
Level 50 : Grandmaster Professor

hello, my lovelies!
i'm so sorry that it's been so long since you've heard from me,
but i've been figuring things out lately! i was feeling awfully terrible
these last few days, but something about february always lifts my spirits.
probably because my birthday is in 7 days. ;)

i'm (hopefully) playing minecraft with a fellow degenerate in an hour or so,
and i'm honestly so excited. i rarely get the chance to
meet with others outside of school unless i'm very close to them
and we've exchanged contact information, so i'm glad i'll get to see him.
we're going to be building some off-center monuments and
performing some rituals... all in all, a very fun time. this is my skin for the event;
essentially just me (without the glasses) wearing what i hope resembles
cultist attire - and a bow, because why not?

something i've been doing for roughly a month now is writing little notes
for my friends on some old letter paper i bought at an antique shop and giving
them out before classes. i usually draw nonsensical memes/references
on the notes to the person i'm meeting with, and it gives me this air of mystery.
- what the hell is she going to give me this time? -
it's an incredible feeling, knowing that you can make someone smile
just by creating something with them in mind.

i've been focusing more often on my art as of late, and i'm quite proud of
how my skills have developed! i'm a tad more confident in my skinning
now that i've worked with my style more thoroughly, but i've also learned that
development takes time as well as trial and error.

keep your glass,

p.s. - watermelons.jpg
CreditRES club, for being my favorite fools
Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelAlex (3 pixel arms)

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