Cassidy the Cassowary ~FNAF~ [For Legoskeleton's custom animatronic contest] Minecraft Skin
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Cassidy the Cassowary ~FNAF~ [For Legoskeleton's custom animatronic contest]

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ElsenRykker's Avatar ElsenRykker
Level 45 : Master Skinner
Cassidy the Cassowary is a custom Five Nights at Freddy's skin created for Legoskeleton's custom animatronic contest (found here). It is a 1.8 skin that uses the steve model, and follows my standard Animatronic set up (Suit on the second layer, Endoskeleton on the first). I really enjoyed creating this concept, and I might make more custom animatronics in the future in general if the time before the next FNAF ends up being a long one, which I wouldn't really mind anyway... Scott deserves a break anyways.


Anyway, here is the backstory of Cassidy:

Cassidy is a Fazbear Entertainment experiment gone horribly wrong..
Possessing a self charging battery of classified technology, and faulty
programming, she attacks any and all things that even remotely resemble
an adult human. Including most animatronics.. She views ALL as a threat to
children, and attacks with her blunt metal talons without mercy. She is held in
a reinforced room in one of Fazbear Entertainment's factories somewhere in
the USA, but due to many reports of loud banging and scratching noises
coming from the room she is contained in, many wonder how much longer
it will be until she breaks free...


As one might expect, Cassidy is obviously based off of the Cassowary, a flightless bird native to native to the tropical rainforests of New Guinea, nearby islands, and northeastern Australia. They are the some of the largest birds in the world. They are usually shy, but when provoked, they can inflict painful injuries with thier sharp, dagger-like middle claw, which can even be fatal... Good luck outrunning them too, as they have been known to run up to 30 MPH...


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12/20/2014 7:52 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Narwhal
BananaSalad72's Avatar
this is a good skin i think you'll be great in the contest
12/20/2014 3:00 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
FrankieHolden09's Avatar
cool skin dood
12/20/2014 4:32 pm
Level 45 : Master Skinner
ElsenRykker's Avatar
Thanks :D
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