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Space. Its the future. If we are to ignore space travel and treat it as a "simple childrens fantasy" then we are pledging ourselves to becoming extinct. With organisations like SpaceX and NASA making monumental advancements in space travel almost every day at this point, its pretty obvious that out future is leading to a multi-planetary civilization. I do believe that the great beyond, the dark void, the cosmos, the infinity that is deep space...
Havent made a skin in a while. Not that i have followers that read this (i dont blame you, i wouldnt follow me neither), but i think im getting better at this whole skin-making business. Granted this looks god awful. Like, whats that green there for? honestly i dont think it looks too bad when you overlook the glow-in-the-dark green mess. i tried going a bit stronger on the shading this time unlike the last compertion i entered where i focused more on the palette. Oh? You're still reading this? good lord you must be bored if you enjoy reading a strangers cringey minecraft diary entry. ok goodnight :)
Edit: okay just posted this and realised i made a skin like last week but that was made in like 20 minutes and i had reference pictures to go by so it doesnt count
Creditmy imagination i guess
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