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Cozy Parka

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Angelonasher avatar Angelonasher
Level 34 : Artisan Blueberry
She slipped out of the igloo, the cold wind biting her pink nose and cheeks, but the fur-lined, seal skin parka kept her ears and torso warm. The strands of her long brown hair that had escaped from her hood tickled her cheeks as they swayed in the breeze. As she treaded on farther, drawn by the cheerful shades of rosy colors casted from the setting sun, the glistening snow crunched under her booted feet. She took in a deep breath of the frosty air, enjoying it even though the chill made her throat a bit raw. It smelled like the extremely cold river which they had camped next to. Ah, this was the life, with the dog sleds, toasty igloos, and delightful campfires. What a wonderful winter!

When I saw about the Feeling Frosty event, I got this idea. The parka was fun to make even though I didn't know how to shade it. I really like how it turned out.

Pictures of Parkas (I did not use these as references; found on Wikipedia)

Cozy Parka Minecraft Skin

Cozy Parka Minecraft Skin
Cozy Parka Minecraft Skin

The parka of this skin is mostly based on the second picture! :D

Anyone is free to download this skin for in game use.


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CreditPMC; Winter; Inuit People

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12/17/2021 6:33 pm
Level 28 : Expert Artist
LynnDoesArt avatar
its really good and kinda does look like katara lol
04/08/2022 3:59 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Blueberry
Angelonasher avatar
Oof that was a coincidence, though I did notice it when I was making the skin XD
12/15/2021 11:11 am
Level 44 : Master uwu
Wuubbii avatar
Katara hehe
12/14/2021 2:16 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Itzjcraft avatar
wow That is Really good!
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